High Five

2016-06-25 yosemite to Cody1

On our drive from Yosemite to Cody, Wyoming we passed through the Absaroka range. The Absaroka Range across the Montana-Wyoming border, and 75 miles at its widest, forms the eastern boundary of Yellowstone National Park along Paradise Valley (Montana), and the western side of the Bighorn Basin. These rugged cliffs are home to the largest bighorn sheep herds in the United States. High on these cliffs the sheep are protected from their predators.

Cody to Butte 007

Cody to Butte 008

I’m thankful to God for the following five where and with whom I feel protected.

I’m thankful for my home where I am protected from the elements.

I’m thankful for my husband with whom I feel safe and protected.

I’m thankful for our local police, our state police, our border patrol who work hard to protect us from harm and who help us in crisis.

I’m thankful for our military who protect our freedom and our country.

I’m most thankful to Jesus and what He accomplished on the cross, for being my Savior who protects me from isolation and separation from God.

What or who makes you feel protected?

Linking up with Amy at Love Made My Home and with Susanne at Living to Tell the Story for Five on Friday and Friday’s Fave Five.

The truck attack in Nice, France is just horrible. I feel so sad for all the people who were struck down in the midst of happy celebrations. Praying for the families that are forever changed by this. Make peace with the one true God and hug your loved ones.

About Ellenhttps://happywonderer.com/I am a wife, mother, baba (grandmother) and a loyal friend. Jesus is my King and my hope is in my future with Him.

21 thoughts on “High Five

  1. Your trip sounds very interesting, great mosaic.
    The people of Nice are in our thoughts as France comes to terms with another terrorist attack from an enemy within.

  2. Ellen b. I appreciate your five, and how you used the protection of the sheep as a springboard for considering how you feel protected. I am reading Phillip Keller’s book about how understanding a shepherd’s job enriches an understanding of Psalm 23. I have not heard about what happened in Nice and will go check now.

  3. It is terrible news from Nice, there seems to be a different tragedy every week at the moment. This is a lovely five and has made me think of things that I grateful for too. Also would love to visit Yosemite, have a great weekend xx

  4. That’s a great mosaic. I remember seeing big horn sheep on our trip out west many years ago. I think I would have the same list as yours, and certainly am grateful for that list.

  5. absolutley horrible what happened in beloved France. BUT God is still good and is still in control. And this really is just more signs that the end is near.

    LOVE your vacation photos! Yellowstone is on our bucket list if we ever get out of the Northeast to travel far west! lol

  6. What a wonderful trip! Great photos. I particularly loved reading the things you are thankful for. We always need to remember that we have so MUCH to be thankful for. God is good!

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