M and W Barns

The barns I’m sharing today are taken along the roads in Montana and Wyoming that we chose to get to and from Yellowstone National Park the end of June.


yellowstone day one 024

yellowstone day one 023

yellowstone day one 022

The Speed limit on Interstate 90 in Montana gets as high as 80mph so I’m happy my photos are not blurrier.

Cody to Butte 091

Cody to Butte 087




Thank you to Tom The Backroads Traveller for the Barn Collective. Click over to see barns from other parts of the world.

Our youngest kids are still working on moving out of this old house. They spent their first night there last night. Since their new apartment is quite small a lot of their stuff will remain here. They have the tough job of weeding through the stuff to decide what they really need for this next stage in their life and then organizing the remaining stuff so we can isolate it in one area instead of spread out around the house. Small problems in this world of woe.

Do you still have some of your married kids stuff at your house?

About Ellenhttps://happywonderer.com/I am a wife, mother, baba (grandmother) and a loyal friend. Jesus is my King and my hope is in my future with Him.

8 thoughts on “M and W Barns

  1. wonderful selection of barns. I seem to remember seeing some great old barns when we passed through that area but I was driving so couldn’t take any pics!

  2. Wow – amazing photos – such big views. We don’t get that here in NW WA – as we are in the foothills and most farms are snuggled in instead of spread out. Any flat land is not used for buildings – but for crops. Love the one with the motorcycle.

    We at long last have none of our kid’s stuff in our home. Our son even came out from West Virginia and took a load of things we no longer want/need – such as the 20 photo albums of family pictures (I have scanned them all into the computer before he took them), the last of the toys that we had saved from our kids’ younger days and the dining room set (huge oak table, sideboard and 6 chairs) that has been in the family for 5 generations. I wanted a cottage white dining room set and so now we are both happy. We actually have a few of our christmas decorations stored in our daughter’s garage – turn-about is fair play (they are happy to do it for us since we don’t have a garage any more.)

  3. That’s a BIG sky!!
    Yes, we still have ‘stuff’. There is an enormous box of Playmobil, including the dollhouse – there are boxes of books – lego – trophies and mementos – lego…..and did I say Lego???

  4. I especially like the second picture of the “ranch” with a backyard mountain – beautiful! Yep, plenty of stuff here too but now that they are living close by we will slowly be able to redistribute some of it. So glad I kept the Fisher Price toys for our active little “almost” one year old grand baby! Such fun to see her enjoy these retro toys.

  5. Moving on — always such an interesting time of life for both generations (I remember and watch my daughter and sil going through it from the other side now, with their kids at the same stage yours are). Pretty much all we can do is concentrate on the small problems, the ones we can help solve to make at least our own small worlds a better place. (And hope and pray about the big picture as I know you already do of course.)

    I love your beautiful barns — and the big skies of the states you traveled through on the Yellowstone trip!

  6. Your second and fourth shots are gorgeous with the mountains in the background. Gorgeous rural vistas. You put together a lovely collection this week for Tom. genie

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