Waterfalls in Yellowstone

The first waterfalls we stopped to look at were on the western side of Yellowstone on our drive to Old Faithful.

This is Rustic Falls close to the Golden Gate Canyon.

yellowstone day one 097

yellowstone day one 095

yellowstone day one 092

Next we stopped at Gibbon Falls.

yellowstone day one 160

yellowstone day one 159

yellowstone day one 158

yellowstone day one 156

We are in a home swing here getting ready for a 4th of July celebration. Our basement dwellers have found an apartment to move to close to the University of Washington. This will be a good location for them as our son-in-law finishes his degree at the University. They get the keys to their small apartment on Saturday and will start moving their stuff gradually to their new location about 10 miles from us. We are happy for the time they’ve had with us and what their future holds.

Still in the midst of making plans for a 4th of July barbecue here. We will be putting meat in the smoker for sure, just haven’t decided which cut of meat we’ll have this year. All the extras always come together nicely. What are your plans for the 4th here in the USA and Canada Day to the north?

11 thoughts on “Waterfalls in Yellowstone

  1. Beautiful waterfalls. Enjoy your 4th celebration. Here, for the first of July, I’ll be madly cleaning house and packing as we leave on our trip early early the next morning.

  2. How wonderfully festive! I really must up my game and get some sort of display going for the picnic tables. We will be spending our holiday in the usual way with the addition of 10 to 14 people. Should be fun.

    Congrats to the basement dwellers who are moving on up, I should imagine. God bless them in their new home! Ten miles will feel so far away…

  3. From waterfalls…to moving up and out…to July 4th celebrations…there are a lot of good things happening over there!

  4. Playing catch up again (which seems to be my pattern these days), I just enjoyed scrolling through your last several posts. What a thrill it must have been to visit Yellowstone National Park! Glorious sights!

    Enjoy your 4th of July weekend plans! It sounds delicious…and of course, any time we are gathered with loved ones, it is a reason to celebrate.

    Congrats to your daughter and son-in-law on finding a new and convenient place!

  5. A refreshing post with those wonderful waterfalls, Ellen. And then seeing your cheerful decorations for the Fourth. Going to keep things simple here and joining our neighbors for a little fireworks.

  6. Beautiful water falls in Yellowstone NP! We are also having a family barbecue. The usual steaks, hamburger, hot dogs and cedar planked salmon on the grill. I’m sure we will have corn on the cob and plenty of slads to go with it all. Most likely ice cream and fruit pies for dessert.

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