V is for Vera…

Vera is one of my older sisters. She was recently widowed and has moved into a 55 and over community not far from her old home. While I was visiting she had an open house to share her new home with friends and family.


Her manufactured home is open concept with 9 foot ceilings that give it a spacious feeling.

2016-06-05 H.B4

There are 3 bedrooms which include a large master suite with a walk in closet and large bathroom with a separate tub and shower. My younger sister Lana lives with Vera part-time when she is in Southern California working. Lana got to decorate her own room. Since Lana was in Washington while I was in California I got to crash in her room. My brother Leonard from Texas was also staying with Vera and he got the bedroom/office and the blow up mattress.

2016-06-05 H.B2

It was good to see some of our cousins and old friends during the open house. Vera used an old email list for her invites so if she missed you she apologizes.

H.B. 1&2 020

It was a nice day and we set up tables and chairs in the carport. I did not get photos of everyone, oops.

H.B. 1&2 027

On Sunday Leonard, Vera, and I met some of our family for brunch in Newport Beach at Sol Cocina.

H.B. 1&2 028

H.B. 1&2 039

Leonard and I got to meet our newest grand niece for the first time.

H.B. 1&2 090

H.B. 1&2 094


Ellie with her Baba, my SIL Kelly.


Later in the day some of my family gathered at Vera’s again for more food and fellowship.

2016-06-05 more of Ellie

more of Ellie 012

I’ve posted this photo before but I love it enough to post it again, Pop (dzeda) and Ellie. My dear old pop made it out to Vera’s twice and he lasted for several hours which was good for him.

2016-06-05 more of Ellie1

My pop with 5 of his 8 children.

Leonard and I managed to be with our pop for dinner at Kathy’s on Friday night, open house on Saturday, Dinner at Vera’s on Sunday and then we drove out on Monday morning to go out for breakfast with him and my sister Kathy and to say goodbye to him until we meet again. He got his 2 eggs sunny side up with hash browns, sausage, white toast and coffee and even though it was at Coco’s instead of Denny’s he said it was good. He also insisted on paying. He says he needs to get rid of his money. From breakfast we headed straight to the airport for Leonard’s flight back to Texas. I still had 24 hours left in California.


The fun just kept coming. After I dropped Leonard off I met up with my BFF from my Russian Baptist days and we had lunch and a few hours of catching up. Would you believe from this meet up I headed to the third restaurant of the day, Zov’s, to meet my sisters for dinner?


Kathy and I split our Kebob dinner and we all shared the dessert tray. Kathy, this could have been your late birthday celebration if my brain wasn’t completely fogged up by then! Oye!

When Vera and I returned home Dear’s brother and SIL stopped by for a brief visit since they couldn’t come to the Open House. It was good to see them face to face. BTW, Dear wasn’t with me in Southern California because he was working at a conference in Chicago.

I’m now home after flying first class and that’s a fun story all by itself. This post is way too long already. It’s good to be home and I thank God for watching over me and giving me valuable moments to treasure with my Pop, family and friends.

Since it’s Wednesday and ABC Wednesday is on the letter V this post will be linked up for V is for Vera! Thank you Mrs. Nesbitt and Roger with his team of ABCers.

About Ellenhttps://happywonderer.com/I am a wife, mother, baba (grandmother) and a loyal friend. Jesus is my King and my hope is in my future with Him.

23 thoughts on “V is for Vera…

  1. Oh such a heartwarming post! i think its wonderful you are all so close and make the effort to get together! You dad is looking so well and little Ellie is the star of the show!

  2. Love that photo of your brother with little Ellie!

    My my, looks like you had some good eating!

    I think Vera’s place looks awesome. I hope she will be very happy there. It’s wonderful you all could gather to “break it in.”

  3. You have a beautiful family…every single one of them here…so so glad you got to visit so long with those you love…

  4. I enjoyed sharing your trip with you…being that proverbial fly on the wall as you gathered with your loved ones. Yes, certainly you had “valuable moments to treasure”!! It is good that you tuck these special times in your heart.

  5. Vera has a really nice place and it was so nice you could stay with her there. Looks like you had fun connecting with your family and dear Pop. That little Ellie sure is a cutie!

  6. You have such a big, beautiful family, Ellen! I’m glad Vera is enjoying her new home and had many come to help her settle in. I’m also glad you were able to spend time with your father. Your little grand niece is adorable! I flew first class twice— both times were a real treat!

  7. Loved having you stay with me and share in all the adventures. So thankful for all your help with the open house also.

  8. What delightful pictures of your wonderful family Ellen and the little
    baby is such a sweetie, just too adorable.
    Thank you for sharing your life with us,
    Best wishes,
    ABCW team.

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