It Was the Best of Times…

…it was the worst of drives!

13061943_10209470854876562_4327377309614113889_n-001On Friday I got a rental car and drove north on I-35 from San Antonio to Austin. The goal was to meet up with my brother Leonard and his family. I made it to Austin to the spot where we were to meet up for lunch.


This is the original Chuy’s in Austin and it was hopping all afternoon long. When I got here I got a call from Leonard saying they had a flat tire that came with a very long story we won’t go into. The short part of the story is that they got to a Honda dealership in Waco and the dealership gave them a loaner car to continue on their journey to Austin. We had a good meal at Chuy’s and headed to a home of one of their friends to spend some time together.

2016-04-30 Austin-S

When I was at El Mercado in San Antonio I picked up a little something for Hope and Andrew. Hope is wearing her flower head piece and Andrew is strumming his gift.

Austin-S.A 002After dinner the kids got ready for bed and my brother drove me back to my car so I could head back to San Antonio. It was real good to see them all face to face.

Now the road drama started for me. After I was out of Austin with an hour to go to get back to San Antonio the flashes of lightning lit up the sky and the rain started. The conditions got really bad for a good stretch of time and I was praying hard. All the cars on the freeway slowed way down. I have never in my life seen so much lightning in such a short period of time. Thankfully there was only one time that I could not see out of the windshield because of water thrown up from another vehicle onto my car. I was so so relieved to finally get to our hotel exit from the freeway and out of the car!

We will be flying home this evening and I’ll share more about the things I saw in San Antonio next week. Hope y’all are doing well!

About Ellenhttp://I am a wife, mother, baba (grandmother) and a loyal friend. Jesus is my King and my hope is in my future with Him.

9 thoughts on “It Was the Best of Times…

  1. Bless your heart..nothing more scary than driving, in unknown place, with lightening and rain beating down…glad you at least had a good time with family.

  2. Oh Ellen, I don’t know what I would have done – but prayed for sure! Glad you were kept safe.
    We were in a lighting storm coming home from CA once but I was a passenger.

  3. Your little niece looks so sweet in the floral wreath!
    I’m glad to hear that you made it to the hotel with no ill effects. Driving through a storm in an unknown area is not an experience any of us would want.

  4. Ellen, I was watching the storm coverage down there and kept thinking you were out of danger, away from the worst of it. I’m so glad you are safe dear girl! The photos of your family are wonderful!

  5. Oh that must have been so scary. I hate driving when it’s pouring and you had lightening as well. Bet you were so relieved to get back to your hotel. Safe journeys. B x

  6. Ellen! I’m glad that you and your brother and family are all safe. How scary!!!

    I wanted to check and and see how you are. I haven’t blogged in ages, but I still have every intention of returning. I have gotten my strength back, but the stress of this house renovation has tested it. Hopefully we will see daylight soon (and not THROUGH the roof as before).

    Sending you warm hugs and prayers for traveling mercies…


    Sheila… who loves that photo of your family! WOW! That is great that you have so many loved ones.

  7. Linda at Linda’s Life Journal has a wonderful way of staying out of the storm. She wrote about it a day or so ago. Texas has really been getting some nasty weather. So glad that you had a nice visit with your brother and family…your niece and nephew are going to love you forever…you had their numbers…darling gifts for cute kids and that you made it safely to your destination.

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