Snow Geese and Barns…

When my sisters and I were in Mount Vernon, Washington to see the daffodils back in March we also were treated to a large invasion of Snow Geese. I just realized I never shared these photos and since there are some barns in the background in some of the shots I’ll link up to The Barn Collective with Tom the Backroads Traveler.

Sisters wknd 022

Sisters wknd 025

Sisters wknd 023

Sisters wknd 048

Sisters wknd 044

Birds of a feather flock together.

bellingham 011

Here’s a closer view of a barn in Mount Vernon that we drove by on a different weekend.

We are getting some fine sunny weather in the Puget Sound area of Washington state. There are predictions of it hitting 80 tomorrow. We are tempted to put up our patio covers and get the patio furniture out. I had a good week of Zumba at the gym and I’m happy to say my muscles aren’t screaming at me anymore. On Saturday we worked in the yard and I got some new shrubs planted. Later my son and I had a fun evening watching the Seattle Sounders beat Philadelphia Union 2-1. It’s always more fun to win. Quote of the night from coach Zigi: “You can’t score your second one until you get your first one … It was a big weight off his shoulder.”

Hope you all have a good week and that your tax returns are mailed or electronically submitted!

About Ellen am a wife, mother, baba (grandmother) and a loyal friend. Jesus is my King and my hope is in my future with Him.

12 thoughts on “Snow Geese and Barns…

  1. An invasion, I’d say so! Once and awhile I see Snow or Canadian Geese in big numbers, but this unreal. You sure have some pretty country out there. Thanks Ellen for joining The Barn Collective this week. How could you top this? Remember that the welcome mat is always out.

  2. Beautiful! Once in a great while I see snow geese here too. The Canada geese are much more common. Love the barns, mountains, and birds.

  3. Ellen, The link is up now, thank you for your sweet comment. The link comes up at midnight.The snow geese are amazing and I love the barn with the cider sign. It is still chilly enough in our NC mountains to turn on the electric blanket. Won’t be long though.
    Happy Blue Monday,
    xo, Jeanne

  4. That’s one busy air field! We can’t have fresh squeezed cider in our corner as all cider must be pasteurized. Gone the old apple presses and the schoolchildren gathering around them. Ahhh…progress! (And no e-coli)

  5. Absolutely LOVED your post today! Amazing sight–beautiful, beautiful birds!
    We are supposed to be hot today too–I am beginning to think we might get another hot summer and am not looking forward to that. I tend to like temps in the 70s–wimp that I am :):)

  6. Oh my goodness…that is a lot of snow geese! I definitely think you should get that patio furniture out and enjoy the outdoors. We’ve eaten quite a few meals out on the patio already…my favorite place to eat! It is 27° here right now (that would be 84 in your language).

  7. Aw that’s my land! Aren’t the snow geese amazing? When I was a child they did not come, but my mom says it’s because the crops they grow in Skagit Valley are different now and more appealing to snow geese. My mom has a view of a nice field that attracts so many! She loves it!

  8. Gorgeous photos, Ellen!!! The big red barn with the mountains in the background and the daffodils and geese in the foreground. Lovely! I saw a nature program once on Snow Geese; they really are amazing, aren’t they? Thanks for sharing with us and have a good week. 🙂



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