Good Fences

These photos were taken in San Diego along Harbor Drive. We call pigeons rats with wings.

It’s time for Good Fences #100 with TexWisGirl. Click over to see fences/gates from around the world.

Today is my day to go see the tax man. I always like to be on the other side of this appointment. I get to drive Dear’s big truck to the appointment since he took my car to the airport. Hopefully I can find the right keys for the truck. I always like to get money back instead of paying more money in. Do you do your own taxes or do you use an accountant?

12 thoughts on “Good Fences

  1. Even though pigeons are common and often a nuisance, I find them intriguing and beautiful. They sure seem to be able to live and thrive in the worst or harshest places don’t they ? Just like rats !

    Taxes, my husband does ours. Hope your tax time is not taxing !

  2. Great photo of the pigeons on the fence. I’ve heard that term of flying rats for them before too. They do make a mess. Great header on your blog. Thank you for stopping by and your kind comment. Enjoyed my visit here. Have a nice weekend ahead.

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