Barn Collective

Joining Tom at Backroads Traveler with some barns and farm scenes from Duvall and Carnation in Washington State.

Thanks Tom for hosting the Barn Collective.

We had a very busy Halloween evening at this old house. We had lots of candy on hand an still ran out! Our daughter Katie handed out the candy getting many stares and comments on her make-up. She applied the make-up herself. She was a broken doll. I wish I would have taken a photo of one of the wide eyed kids standing and staring and being frozen on our walkway…

 12196186_10208070440627081_107226189245194434_nDid you get many trick or treaters?

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13 thoughts on “Barn Collective

  1. Barns make such fun subjects for photos. Your broken doll is beautiful. Not many trick or treaters here at all. In fact, just two, our grandchildren, and then we left and went to the other grandchild’s house where a few more showed up, but not many.

  2. She did a good job! We got about 37 which is pretty good for my neighborhood. Our downtown mall has trick or treating for the kids for a couple of hours. There was hundreds of kids all in a line going around the whole mall collecting from each store.

  3. Interesting that you would post a collection of old barns… We had a shock this morning on our way to church . Now far from our place we always pass an old barn – showing character in its age and dilapidated state – but I loved it and meant to take a photo of it … This morning I realized it was too late … a huge machine stood over the pile of rumble that the barn had been reduced to! I hope you got your pretty ‘doll’ fixed ! too bad she got broken. :-^ No trick or treaters allowed in our gated community ..

  4. Another great barn collective Ellen. I really should go around our area and take photos like this … the barns are slowly disappearing as times change and new modern facilities are being built. I LOVE old barns! Katie’s make-up is brilliant! We don’t get any trick or treaters out here (I used to beg the neighbours to bring their kids over but there aren’t any in the “hood” these days). The good part is – no candy in the house!!

  5. I simply love old barns, there are so many stories they could tell! Your daughter did a great job with her makeup!
    BTW~I love your family header photo, so beautiful!

  6. Oh poor broken doll… I just know she is all well now ( what a beautiful young woman, seriously, and how cool that she entered into the ” spirit” of the Holiday .). .. I bet those littles are still talking about her! No trick or treaters here ((… Adult living has certain drawbacks (for us, it balances out well however).

    Love the barns, especially the one advertising the espresso stand! Isn’t that just the most typical Pacific Northwest scene ever?

  7. Wow Ellen, Katie’s makeup is amazing and kind of scary looking. 🙂 She’s a beautiful girl, though. How lucky you are to have such nice grownup children!

    The barns and surrounding countryside are lovely; thanks so much for sharing with us! No, we didn’t get any trick or treaters; we get fewer every year. 😦 Have a great week, Ellen!



  8. The ‘broken doll’ is really good!!
    We had about 100 little goblins and princesses and storm troopers – but that is because our street is a cul de sac with a huge bonfire at the end – a big draw!

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