Hello October!

On this first day of October I was out on the road running errands getting ready for our company and events this weekend. Fall is showing itself nicely here in the Pacific Northwest!

On the road to our big box home improvement store and office supply store this great burst of fall met my eyes.

After I bought my ink cartridges for my printer I headed to Whole Paycheck, that’s what my dear dil Laura calls Whole Foods, to get some organic corn tortillas for my sister in law, Leticia. She’s on a restricted diet. We are making chicken fajitas for the cabinet installers on Friday evening. Letty is our family’s expert on all things in the Mexican culinary world. The least I could do was to buy the right ingredients for her. She will also be making her special Spanish rice and beans.

When I got home I experimented with a new pumpkin recipe for dessert that I’ll share in October on the Mennonite Girls Can Cook Blog. If you click over today you can see my Mocha Toffee Parfait.

Since I’m up late today waiting for our guests to arrive at this old house I had time to complete this post. Our son Josh is picking up his uncle and aunt at the airport and delivering them here late tonight. Tomorrow we hit the ground running. I’ll check in with all of you in the quiet moments…if there are any!

About Ellenhttps://happywonderer.com/I am a wife, mother, baba (grandmother) and a loyal friend. Jesus is my King and my hope is in my future with Him.

6 thoughts on “Hello October!

  1. Autumn looks glorious there! It is pretty “meh” here. Laura’s name for Whole Foods made me laugh aloud. Too funny and too true!

  2. Ha ! “The quiet moments” , when I plan to blog and respond to blogs too. Haven’t been so many of them for us around here lately but I am blogging now !

    Your fall color is stunning. We don’t seem to have much around here and we don’t live all that far from you. Maybe autumn color will arrive next week. 🙂

    You sound happily busy, a very good blessing.

  3. Fall really is lovely here in the great PNW… I love how you get glimpses of color everywhere you go, as you show today so beautifully. Even routine errands turn into beautiful nature viewing! Good luck on the project… The Mexican dinner sounds amazing.

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