“When in Doubt, Go to the Library”

For my last tourist guide event with my lovingly labeled left over from the wedding company we went to my favorite library in all of the state of Washington and beyond! The Suzzallo library on the campus of the University of Washington is a treasure!

As we stepped out of the parking garage I said to Steve and Kelly, “welcome to Oxford”. We stepped inside and I was on a quest to get them up to the reading room and to see their reaction.

Kelly is a fan of Harry Potter as are several others of us! On our way up the stairs I saw the sign about the Harry Potter Exhibit.

Photos capture some of the beauty of this room but nothing makes up for seeing it yourself. My brother was ready to go back to school at the University of Washington just to be able to study in this inspiring space. Rooms like these with the architecture that takes your eyes upward point to the glory of God.

The last of my Seattle tourism photos were taken on the campus of the University of Washington.

My brother Steve, and Kelly my sister in law.

This post is the last of my extended family posts from the beginning of July. Next week I’ll show you some beautiful sights that Dear and I saw on the Olympic Peninsula.

We continue to have more bearable temperatures here in our little corner of the world. I still have to water regularly. Today I was brave enough to turn on the oven and I used the first of our apples from our tree to make an apple crisp. I used this recipe. What’s new in your corner of the world?


About Ellenhttps://happywonderer.com/I am a wife, mother, baba (grandmother) and a loyal friend. Jesus is my King and my hope is in my future with Him.

16 thoughts on ““When in Doubt, Go to the Library”

  1. Dave and I used to study in the “stacks”, so many long hours, sooo much fun. Thanks for the memories.

  2. Absolutely magnificent building–reminds me of a cathedral! I was never lucky enough to go inside it when we visited the U of W (my friends and I attended Seattle Pacific) — we went inside the Odegaard Library instead.
    Is that the Drumheller Fountain? My grandpa attended the 1909 World’s Fair in Seattle and wrote about it in his journal. It wasn’t till this year that I realized it was held on the U of W campus. You probably already know this, but the fountain was built for that fair:)
    Yummy! I love apple crisps and these cooler days. Now if we can just get some rain.
    Blessings, Aimee

    • Aimee, there were some great large black and white posters on the wall in the library from the 1909 Fair titled When the World Came to Campus with some of the history. That’s really cool that your grandpa attended. Our son graduated from SPU…

      • Awesome on your son having graduated from SPU! Small world.
        The posters sound amazing! Thanks for letting me know. I’ve seen a lot of photos on the digital collection site for the U of W (library). It would have been pretty neat to visit back in those days and to see a much different Seattle too. My grandpa, on the same trip, also visited his Swedish uncle and his wife over on the Kitsap Peninsula. Wish he had written a LOT more:)
        Blessings, Aimee

    • Meant to tell you that everything I have learned about my garden is via other bloggers who garden. I think it was Barbara of Ramblings from an English Garden who first enlightened me about beebalm.

  3. These photos bring back memories for me–in the 1970s we spent a summer studying at UW–I remember that library!
    I’m glad you have had some rain

  4. Ellen, I had no idea there was such a fabulous building in Seattle. Is it open to the general public or just for students and alumni? I’d expect a library like this at Oxford but not on the West Coast. We’ll have to ask our kids to take us there sometime.
    BTW – I love Bee Balm (on your header) and the hummingbirds love it!

  5. Oh my goodness…libraries are one of my favourite places ever! I’m afraid I’d never leave that one!! Your apple crisp has me drooling…and right when I’m back on the “no sugar” thing.

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