Canoeing on Lake Washington

I need to catch up with my posts on some of the fun things we did with our leftover wedding company the first week in July!

We headed to the Waterfront Activities Center at the University of Washington to rent some canoes. Thankfully the adults outnumbered the kiddos!

Here’s my crew, Jackson and Hope!

A warm day on the lake.

My niece Michelle and my sister-in-law Mandy with Avery in the 2nd canoe.

The third canoe had my brother Leonard, sister Kathy and nephew Andrew.

My crew had to work hard since we were the crew with only one adult on board!

Duck and Ducks!

At this point we were all headed back to the dock to turn in our canoes and life vests.

It was a great experience to canoe on Lake Washington amidst the water lilies, ducks, turtles and blue heron. We were ready for a cool down and some refreshments when we were done but had to take one last shot to prove we were on the University of Washington campus! We have two graduates from the University of Washington in our family and soon we’ll have another one when our son-in-law Andrew finishes his course of studies after his service with the Marines!



15 thoughts on “Canoeing on Lake Washington

  1. I LOVE your new header. I am in awe of you. Most of my friends tell me they were wiped out after a child’s wedding, even when others did every thing. And look at you….wonder woman with all the extra activities. How fun!!!!

  2. Oh Ellen – I’m finally catching up reading your posts! You have been ever so busy and having such fun after the wedding! Your B & B looked wonderful – we love travelling that way sometimes – did all B & Bs in Ireland and it was fabulous. I’m almost in your time zone right now enjoying some snuggle time with my precious grand baby – posts to come eventually!!

  3. It looks like you were all having great fun!! Good for you…combining the great outdoors and rousing exercise and family fun all in one! Like your first commenter, I was thinking about how I’d probably be collapsed somewhere after the wedding, but I guess you rise to the occasion when the occasion warrants it.

  4. This looks like a fun time for you and your visitors, Ellen! Some of the photos remind me of a Monet painting, especially because of the water lilies and the bridge! I recently returned from two weeks in NYC visiting family and friends–trying to catch up!

  5. What a fun day! It’s been a long long time since I went canoeing …

    I love the photos of the water lillies and the bridge too. The light is amazing in your photos.

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