V is for Vistas…

The Columbia River in Washington State from the Vantage Bridge pictured below.

To Chewelah 002

When driving to our son’s home in Eastern Washington we have to cross this bridge. It’s always an amazing view to look up and down the mighty Columbia river from this vantage point. We’ll be crossing this bridge twice more at the end of June for our son’s wedding.

The Columbia River north of Kettle Falls and close to the Canadian Border.

Linking to ABC Wednesday begun by Mrs. Nesbitt and carried on by Roger and the ABC team!

We are plugging away at this old house. Our siding project is nearly completed and I will show some before and after photos sometime. Not promising anything before the wedding we are preparing for this month! It has been hot for us here in the Pacific Northwest. Lots of watering has to be done instead of our usual rain watering. Windows open all through the night. How goes it in your corner of the world?

18 thoughts on “V is for Vistas…

  1. Beautiful views, Ellen. Hope you can enjoy them in the midst of wedding prep! How exciting. Around here, weirdly enough, it is sprinkling. Big splattery drops. The thermometer in my garden registered 102F yesterday….

  2. The Columbia River valley is a perfect subject for a post on Vista’s We’ve driven down those bluffs and crossed that river many times and I never tire of it.

  3. Beautiful views! The river looks full. We’ve had so much rain our rivers are swollen. I’m late visiting because between a week of company staying at our home and my new granddaughter being born, it has been hectic but happy times at my house and my online time has been scarce!

  4. Beautiful pictures Ellen! That bridge is amazing. We are finally getting some much needed rain here in SW Ontario – almost too much all at once! Have fun planning for that wedding – so exciting! I haven’t heard anything about your MOG (mother of the groom) dress???

    • Rosella, I will post a photo of it after the wedding. It’s a comfortable stretchy fitted black dress with ruching from just below the bust down. Lined lace on the bodice and unlined lace on the 3/4 sleeves.

  5. indeed you do have some beautiful vistas on that trip to your son’s place!!
    This is the month! I know your whole family must be getting excited!

    • noun: vista; plural noun: vistas

      vista: a pleasing view, especially one seen through a long, narrow opening.
      a large and beautiful view of an area of land or water

  6. What beautiful vistas. They sure would make the drive to visit your son an added bonus to the Visit with him. Have fun with the wedding preparations.

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