Fences and Signs!


This short red, white and blue fence is in the side yard of a house I pass on my way to exercise class.

On our way to Canada last Saturday I spotted these signs.



We have a few choices for border crossings into Canada in our state of Washington but Sumas is the one we choose when we are traveling to Chilliwack or the center of Abbotsford.


This is dairy country!


I’ll add one more fence looking out my basement door. It might be time to trim my Japanese Maple.


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26 thoughts on “Fences and Signs!

  1. Someone is quite patriotic and patient with the red, white, and blue fence. At least, there is a sense of humor on display at the border crossing. Border crossings into NB and back are nightmares! My mother was always frazzled by them and once could not remember her own name she was pelted with so many questions.

  2. I really like the pig sign there at Bare Bones BBQ. (I used to ask for a pig for my birthday every year when I was a child. I never could understand why my parents wouldn’t allow it. Never mind that we lived in a neighborhood.)

    You always find great signs in your travels!

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