Windsor Castle

The Thames 074

This time around on our trip to Jolly Old England Windsor Castle was our only tourist attraction that we had to buy tickets for and to que up for. It was worth the lines and the hoard of people milling about. Photography is not allowed inside the castle but you can click away on the grounds of the castle. We were also treated to a changing of the guard during our time there. At Windsor this event is not as grand as at Buckingham Palace. You can check online to see the scheduled days and times for this event. Windsor is a great town to get the flavor of the Monarchy without the sea of humanity you find in London.

Since I’ve shown some fences and walls and gates in my post on Windsor Castle I’m linking up to

Good Fences #30 at Run*A*Round Ranch and TexWisGirl.

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18 thoughts on “Windsor Castle

  1. Awesome photos! They bring back memories of my trip there, we went on a tour inside the castle too. Thanks for sharing your visit.. Have a great evening.

  2. Now that brought back memories of our visit to Windsor Castle in 2011! I guess maybe visiting in January was a good idea…no crowds and no line-ups.

  3. O, I would so love to see this…so impressive…so full of history…lovely photos.
    Mr. Sweet is going into town tomorrow and he is going to mail the package. Again, so sorry this all happened and so late getting the TEXAS SNAPS to you. Everyone thought the bakery in Austin had quit making them…all our stores here couldn’t get them, Amazon wasn’t shipping any…then, all at once, the stores were full of them….your guess is as good as mine. 🙂

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