The Cloisters at Gloucester Cathedral

Bourton-Gloucester 038We were so happy to be able to go inside Gloucester Cathedral this visit. We visited in 2004 with our daughter Katie for her “graduation gift trip” but we arrived to Gloucester when it was closed. This will also serve as my ABC Wednesday Post for the letter H since these beautiful halls were filmed as part of Hogwarts School. If you haven’t read or watched the Harry Potter books or movies you won’t know what I’m talking about but you can still enjoy these beautiful Cloisters and for ABC Wednesday you can call them hallways!

Bourton-Gloucester 041The cloisters were used in filming a couple of the Harry Potter films. You can read about it here. I know some of my friends have avoided reading the Harry Potter series by J.K. Rowling. My family has enjoyed J.K. Rowling’s writing and the battle between good and evil.

Bourton-Gloucester 040

Bourton-Gloucester 043

Bourton-Gloucester 044

Bourton-Gloucester 046

Bourton-Gloucester 050

Bourton-Gloucester 051

Bourton-Gloucester 055We were amazed with this part of the cathedral and there was still so much more to see.

Thank you to the ABC Team and to Denise Nesbitt for ABC Wednesday!

Have a good first week of September!



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22 thoughts on “The Cloisters at Gloucester Cathedral

  1. What a glorious place! Your first photo makes me want to walk right in and spend lots of time there. Such beauty and detail – I don’t know how those anonymous men who crafted such intricacy and loveliness managed it. I love the whole idea of cloisters and always have . . . peace, quiet, holiness and prayer, rest and healing . . . I too enjoyed the Harry Potter novels, the first three of them were mesmerizing and so entertaining. After that I seemed to lose interest in all that fantasy but remember fondly those I did read.

  2. These HALLS are absolutely gorgeous! You’re so lucky to have been able to visit. Next time I’m in England, I must a point of visiting.

    abcw team

  3. Absolutely gorgeous!! Your photos are fabulous – I want to run off to Gloucester to see this place. I adore architecture – Gloucester Cathedral would keep me busy for quite some time.

  4. Beautiful photos. It’s funny how so many different angles make the picture more real. Looks like such a fabulous trip and meaningful as you spent time together.

  5. I would be one of those people who’ve never read the books nor seen the movies and have no desire to do so either. However…this is an amazing Cathedral and your photographs really showed off it’s beauty. I enjoyed them very much.

  6. Hi Ellen, I love these photos! These cloisters are incredibly beautiful!! It is always amazing to me how all of this intricate work was done so many centuries ago.

    I know what you mean about the Harry Potter books; we have friends who refuse to read them, too. We at our house loved the books and the movies. Thanks for showing us these beautiful hallways, ceilings, and windows. I do indeed recognize them from the movies. 🙂

    Have a wonderful week, Ellen!



  7. Admirable architecture of the hallways! JK Rowling’s Harry potter series are amazingly innovative in supernatural content. Symbolically it is a battle between good and evil.
    Her plots are mind blowing and sharpen the imagination of the reader as well, if he/she really wants to enjoy the story. She is a smart woman as she could feel the pulse of the young readers. She imagined something which was out of the box and succeeded marvelously.

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