A Walk About…

Before we left the Cotswolds we wanted to take a walk about the land around Fox Cottage. The lanes were so narrow getting to and from the cottage that I wanted to walk out and take some photos because I was paralyzed when driving them wondering what we might encounter around the next curve.

Sunday-Banbury 052

Sunday-Banbury 003

Sunday-Banbury 051

Sat. July 5-Chipping Campden 029

Sat. July 5-Chipping Campden 030A couple of these lanes were not right outside Fox Cottage but on the road between Chipping Campden and Snowshill.


Walk About the Fox 024

Walk About the Fox 012

Walk About the Fox 022

Walk About the Fox 021

Walk About the Fox 019

Walk About the Fox 017

Walk About the Fox 016

Walk About the Fox 014After we walked to the end of the clear path we headed back to the cottage.

Walk About the Fox 015

Walk About the Fox 025The driveway back to the cottage.

Walk About the Fox 027Our next destination would be very different from our cottage in the Cotswolds.

So here we are back in the states for almost 6 weeks now. Our bathroom is still not totally done. Maybe by the end of this week. Our weather continues to be dry and warmish with a few thunderstorms thrown in here and there. Dear and I worked real hard at this old house on Saturday pulling weeds, clearing two trash cans full of pine needles from planters, cleaning out the garage and taking a huge load of stuff to Goodwill.

Now here we are in the last week of August! Our son Josh and Laura celebrate their 13th wedding anniversary today. All of our kids are in the state of Washington again. We thank God for bringing them all safely back here from road trips and work assignments. Nothing big on the calendar this week. How is your August winding down?

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8 thoughts on “A Walk About…

  1. I love pictures of curving roads and paths so this post was a pleasure to look at for me. I am winding my August down with a week off. It has finally stopped raining and we have blue skies and sunshine. Hopefully it will stay all week!

  2. Still enjoying your photos from your trip…says the armchair traveler! lol
    Our to do list seems so long, I think doing some of the outdoor chores might become a bit easier once the weather cools down a bit…one can hope! 🙂

  3. Oh I remember when you promised this post weeks ago. Thank you for remembering! I enjoyed seeing the scenes. Those twisty roads are quite something. Hope everyone just chugs along…

    It really must be great to have all your kids in state again! A quiet week here…the kids return to school, my grands have their mom back, and carefree summer days wind down.

    Gosh! That bathroom project turned into a marathon.

  4. Those narrow lanes and green hedgerows and fields are a delight for the eyes. It was so enjoyable to slowly scroll through them. Thank you!

  5. I’d not have been good on those roads! Walking seems like the best way to enjoy them, as they are very scenic.

    Happy anniversary to Josh and Laura! I know you’re happy to have all of your children in one state! (I long for the day when I can make that statement!)

    Our August is busy to the end. A good kind of busy though. A couple of outings with friends…my birthday this week…renewing my license. (Oh wait…a trip to MVA is not a good kind of busy! Just necessary.)

  6. Such scenic roads with their curves and hedged borders would be a challenge to drive along. Walking seems much more sensible.
    Hope the bathroom project is soon resolved. Funny how these things can carry on for so long.
    Our August is winding down with a couple of trips, lots of garden produce and a bit of regret for this lovely summer we’ve had.

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