Hogwarts Infirmary ~ Bodlein

Oxford Day 6 066This magnificent room in the Bodlein in Oxford was used as the Hogwarts Infirmary in the Harry Potter Movies. The detail of the carved ceiling is amazing don’t you think?

Oxford Day 6 067

Oxford Day 6 065

Oxford Day 6 061

Oxford Day 6 068

Oxford Day 6 063

Oxford Day 6 064

Oxford Day 6 059

Oxford Day 6 074Our timing wasn’t the best to be able to get the guided tour of the library room while we were in Oxford. You have to sign up for their timed tours and we were a bit late out of the gate to do that. Next time…

This post will wrap up our day six  in Oxford and I’ll be moving along to day seven in Broadway soon.

And now for some local news…

We finally have some sunshine again and the rain has paused for a few days.

Thankful for that as Andrew and Katie will begin their move into a spanking new apartment on Monday. How nice to not have to deal with pet hair this time around. I’ll share some photos next week. They will pick up their pod and empty that and then get the rest of their belongings that are at this old house. They used a U-Haul pod which was more economical for them than other pod companies. The savings probably comes from the fact that you pick up and deliver the pod yourself from the local U-Haul Carrier. Then they ship it across country for you. When it arrives close to your zipcode you have to pick it up and return it. Their pod is being delivered to a very inconvenient place in the Seattle area. We are northeast of Seattle and the pod is being delivered south of Seattle with the route to get there going right through downtown Seattle. Traffic timing will be a huge necessity.

Today there’s a little gathering of friends of theirs at this old house. The Pork Butt is in the smoker and has been since 3am.

What does your Saturday hold?

About Ellenhttps://happywonderer.com/I am a wife, mother, baba (grandmother) and a loyal friend. Jesus is my King and my hope is in my future with Him.

13 thoughts on “Hogwarts Infirmary ~ Bodlein

  1. This is so beautiful..just magnificent. I’m so glad you have seen this beautiful structure in person. You’ll never forget it. 🙂

  2. Amazing architecture! The last time I visited Oxford I was on a bus tour and it was raining so we didn’t stop and go into the buildings. I must go back there and explore in more details. Thanks to your Oxford photo journal! 😉

  3. It looks like a wedding…specifically, a lacy wedding cake or something. It is very impressive and those windows! Wowzer.

    May all the chores go well…the return of the pod and the cleaning and unpacking…

    Hmmmm…that get together sounds wonderful.

  4. The windows – they inspire lofty thoughts!
    Good luck to Katie and Andrew on the move of the pod across Seattle – not a trip that I’d want to try as I am a chicken city-driver! That pork butt will be delicious, though, and take the edge off the busy time.
    Us? We’re cleaning house in anticipation of our wee granddaughter’s garden party birthday tomorrow, and organising tradesmen for the new/old house.

  5. I don’t smoke! Oh, wait….you said the pork butt was in the smoker, and I just got confused! 🙂

    I am SO glad the kids were able to get an apartment so quick! That’s got to take a real load off of their minds AND yours! The pod thing sounds like a good way to go. If Seattle traffic is anything like/worse than the traffic in Kansas City, bet of luck to them taking it back!!!!!

    I never saw any of the Harry Potter movies, but I did see enough of the movie trailers to immediately recognize that room. WOW!!!!!!! So beautiful! The intricacy is just breathtaking! The ceiling, the walls, the statues, the windows….all of it!!! Just gorgeous!!! I would have wanted to stay there forever! Funny, though, how the furnishings in the room are the exact opposite in opulence. That really makes the space that much more interesting to me!

  6. That arched stone ceiling is amazing – truly a work of art in itself. I’ve not watched any of the Potter movies, but I can imagine the scene from the books. And those soaring windows – lovely.

  7. All of the detail in that carving boggles my mind! And, yes, those windows! So many, so tall!

    Enjoy your gathering! It sounds delicious! May this last stage of the journey go well for Katie and Andrew.

  8. So, so pretty!
    I’m so glad that your dear ones are “home” and have found an apartment so quickly. All the best with the move and hope your bathroom gets finished really soon. Huge hugs!

  9. I enjoyed this post, Ellen. We are big Harry Potter fans at our house and have seen the movies (and read the books) several times! That room is just beautiful and the carvings are definitely amazing. I’m always in awe of the architectural detail in those old buildings.

    Congratulations to Andrew and Katie on their new apartment and best of luck to them moving forward!!



  10. You must be thrilled to have them so close to home again. It doesn’t seem like they were back east for very long, but I must have lost track of the time! That ceiling is amazing isn’t it! So gorgeous and I can’t imagine how detailed the work must have been to produce such an intricate and lovely design.

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