Coupeville and Langley

When traveling on Whidbey Island we like to stop in Coupeville for Penn Cove mussels, Freeland for antique shopping, and our favorite town on the Island, Langley, for shops and a nice stroll.

Whidbey Island 043

On our trip last week after exploring Deception Pass we headed south to the Island County seat of Coupeville. My plan was to have lunch at Front Street Grill and introduce Lenny and Debbee to Mussels. Coupeville sits on Penn Cove which is known for their mussels. I forgot to take a photo of those mussels. Both Lenny and Debbee didn’t think they liked mussels but after they tried them they became fans.

Front Street Grill offers a whole page of mussels in different sauces that are delicious. This photo is from our trip to Coupeville with my cousin and we had the Coconut Green Curry Mussels. This time around we chose the Rockefeller sauce because someone in the group detests coconut! How can you go wrong with a sauce described like this “Spinach, bacon, Pernod, shallots, garlic and cream. The great thing is that all the sauces for the mussels were Gluten Free.

Whidbey Island 034Debbee and Lenny with Penn Cove in the background.

Whidbey Island 036

Whidbey Island 037

Whidbey Island 041

Whidbey Island 044I thought this was a creative name for this stand located at the end of Front Street.

Whidbey Island 045We headed south again to our final destination on the island, the little town of Langley. We stopped at this garden store hoping some flowers would be blooming on these great trellises. The greenery was nice but we had missed the blooms.

Whidbey Island 050Langley

Whidbey Island 047Langley sits above Saratoga Pass.

Whidbey Island 049

Whidbey Island 048My brother in law, Steve, sits on bench.

Whidbey Island 051We got a refreshment here and then headed to the Cinton Ferry Dock.

Whidbey Island 054I think this was Lenny’s first ferry ride.

Whidbey Island 058It was a still glassy day on the Sound. Another great tour behind us we headed off the ferry to meet Josh, Laura, and Dear for dinner on the mainland. After dinner we said our goodbyes to Debbee and Lenny since they’d be headed back to Southern California the following morning.

We had a busy weekend around here and Dear didn’t get as much done as he had hoped to on the bathroom. You know how it goes with projects in old houses you end up finding things that need to be re-done when you open up walls and take a good look at old pipes. I have a couple days off before I put my tour guide hat back on and I’ll be sharing later in the week about the largest tour group I’ve been responsible for to date.

What’s on the list for your first full week of summer?

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14 thoughts on “Coupeville and Langley

  1. You mean there was more than one of those gorgeous trellises there??!?!??! Oh, my goodness! I just about fainted when I saw it! The trellis was so BIG!!! I love all that greenery hanging from it, so I can only imagine how beautiful it must be with flowers, too!!!

    This is a very picturesque area! Just gorgeous!!!!!

  2. I never knew you had a Langley over there as well! Love the name of the bakery & restaurant…Knead and Feed! And yes…Coupe’s Last Stand is a great name too. It looks like you had a fun day!

  3. Love visiting that little town! Years ago my husband was asked to fill-in for a preacher at a church nearby. After the service one of the locals invited over for lunch and a personal tour of the town…such fun memories!

  4. Your weather looks perfect for showing off your corner. Pretty sure that your niece and her husband had a great time. It’s good that Mr. Wonderer is finding anything that would be a real pain to fix after the renovations.

  5. I have been to Whidbey and to Coupeville and Langley, but you make me want to go again, if only to try the mussels! (You’re a great saleswoman!!) Thanks for a fun tour, xoxox Carol

  6. Another fine tour! Loving the names…did I also see “Useless Day Coffee”? 🙂

    We know all about old houses and remodeling and delays and do-it-yourself projects. One must have patience and determination to keep on!

    • Cheryl, there is a bay on Whidbey Island called Useless Bay and this coffee shop/cafe is named after Useless Bay Coffee. Funny name, fun spot.

    • Whidbey Island is one of the longest islands in the U.S.A. and there are few little cities on the island. Coupeville is on Penn Cove and Langley is on the Saratoga Passage at the south end of the Island. The Bible Camp we’ve attended and worked at since moving to Washington is located on the Island, too.

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