Biltmore Walled Garden and Conservatory

Biltmore 031

Biltmore 037

Biltmore 041

Biltmore 042

Biltmore 044

Biltmore 098

Biltmore 100

2014-05-03 Biltmore1

2014-05-03 Biltmore2

We were at the Biltmore on Saturday May 3rd so the flowers that were blooming well at this point were the Azaleas and the Wisteria still hadn’t lost it’s glow. This walled garden will probably be spectacular when all the roses bloom.

Today is my last day in Jacksonville, North Carolina. Katie will be driving me to the little airport for my flight to Orlando, Florida this afternoon. I won’t be escaping the heat in Florida as the forecast is calling for temps in the upper 80’s the 5 days that I’m there. I’m happy to report I was able to jam everything into my one medium suitcase for this leg of my trip. I’m leaving a small suitcase here for Katie and Andrew to use on their return trip to Seattle. I wasn’t sure I could shlep around 2 suitcases, a computer bag and camera bag around the in Orlando while I wait for Dear to arrive on a later flight than mine so I’m pleased that I can leave a suitcase here.

Can you believe it’s the fifteenth of May already?


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11 thoughts on “Biltmore Walled Garden and Conservatory

  1. No, I can’t. Bet that there were times when you thought it would never arrive. Good deal for getting all that you need into one medium suitcase. When will you next see Katie and Andrew?

  2. So much beauty, but glory, that white wisteria is STUNNING. I had to remind myself it was the 15th of May after I just read about a potential FREEZE this weekend. SIGH….so ready for the cold to be done and over with. Safe travels and LOTS of fun in Florida!

  3. I stumbled across your blog while visiting Pondside’s blog. I live here in the Asheville are of NC. So glad you enjoyed your time here. Mary of a Breathe of Fresh Air is a friend of mine and she was s right about the Grove Park Inn.

  4. Beautiful memories captured by a camera lens,memories that will last a lifetime, I hope you found us North Carolinians very hospitable, we take pride in that, and wouldn’t you know the day you leave our temps. turn to the seventies for a week.~smile~ Please come and visit again. Enjoy your trip to Florida!

  5. Beautiful sights to see there at the Biltmore…fabulous gardens! I love the photo of Kati as you’re looking through the oval opening in the lattice.

    So by now you’re in Florida, reunited with your hubby! Stay cool!

  6. I keep wanting to click “like” under your wonderful photos — too much time on FB!! Hope your flights got straightened out. Have fun in Orlando.

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