Biltmore ~ America’s Largest Home

Part of Katie and my hotel package in Asheville, North Carolina included a two day pass to Biltmore House and Gardens. Biltmore began in 1895 as George Vanderbilt’s vision and continues today under the stewardship of his descendants.

Biltmore 003

Biltmore 004

Biltmore 002

Biltmore 005

Biltmore 006The family still owns 8000 acres of Blue Ridge Mountain land and this is just a fraction of what they started with. They sold thousands of acres to the Federal government which is now the Pisgah National Forest.

Biltmore 001A view from the Loggia. No photography was allowed in the house but they had an area for a photo op that the house provided.

1613887_752783355838_8978143314473116858_nYou could pay for a larger copy for $30.00, pricey. We opted for the free little version!

Biltmore 013

Biltmore 011

Biltmore 012

This is just a taste of the Biltmore. You can imagine with 8000 acres that there is more to share.  The gardens were bursting with color from thousands of Azalea bushes.  We ended our day at the Biltmore House with a meal at Antler Hill Village and a tour of the winery. Stay tuned!

2014-05-03 Biltmore

My time is winding down here in Jacksonville. Tomorrow I’ll board a plane for Orlando and meet up with my Dear. Looking forward to it. I leave knowing our daughter will soon be reunited with her beloved and that makes me happy and oh so thankful.

One thing I know is that the Pacific Northwest is a very good location for me. I am quite intolerant of heat and humidity in my older years. My hair is very intolerant of the humidity, too. The “South” is fun to visit but I’m not looking to buy property here.

About Ellen am a wife, mother, baba (grandmother) and a loyal friend. Jesus is my King and my hope is in my future with Him.

13 thoughts on “Biltmore ~ America’s Largest Home

  1. What a wonderful trip and I love your photographs of the fabulous Biltmore! I’ve been there at Christmas time and it was magical, it looks beautiful now! It’s just a place of wonder, isn’t it? The Gardens are just drop dead gorgeous!

  2. I am smiling as I read of your thoughts on the heat and humidity, here in N.C. Ellen, you really have to be born here to tolerate it, and sometimes it simply gets to much, even for me, as it is today. ~smile~ WE once visited Biltmore, and I must say it was such a great experience, and the history behind the building of this great estate is mind boggling.
    I know it will be sad to leave your daughter but knowing she will be well taken care of will give you such peace. Enjoy your trip home.
    Blessings, Se

  3. So beautiful Ellen! Reminds me a tad of Downton!? Must put this place on our bucket list.
    Safe travels to you as you head to FL to meet up with your hubby. So happy for Katie as she awaits her dear!!!

  4. What a wonderful time this has been. I know that you’ll be sad to say goodbye to Katie, but so very happy to see your Dear again. Thank you for allowing me to tag along.

  5. Wow…what an amazing place! We were right there and never saw it. It don’t think there will be a next time. 😦 Hope your flights work out for tomorrow…and you meet up with your hubby just as scheduled.

  6. That is an amazing house!!
    The heat and humidity? Arrrgghhhh. It is the reason that I tend to become a hermit during the summer. The older I get, the less I can tolerate it. (I live for autumn.)
    Safe and happy travels on this next leg of your journey! I can imagine that you’re a bit sad to leave Katie, but eager to see your hubby.

  7. Wow! That looks EXACTLY like our house…except the Biltmore is smaller! 🙂 🙂 🙂 How’d you like to have to be the one who has to CLEAN that sucker??? Yikes! But it is a sight to behold, isn’t it? That was a great tour, I’ll bet!

    I’m with you on the heat and humidity. It’s horrible! We have it just as bad here in the Midwest as in the South, or so I’m told. I know it felt better in Savannah, GA in the heat of summer than it did in Kansas City!!! That’s a shame! There have been times I have just walked a few feet from my car into a building and just been drenched. And that can happen even when the sun isn’t shining!!! the humidity is just awful here!!!

    I’m glad you and Katie had that time to spend together. It really is refreshing sometimes to just have Mother/Daughter time, I’m sure.

    Rest up for your next adventure!

  8. What a fabulous place this must be. Look at that fabulous architecture. Love the Gargoyle’s and the ornate cornices.
    It was humid here yesterday in the PNW (91) and muggy where I live yesterday.

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