Biltmore Shrub Garden

Biltmore 018

Biltmore 009


Biltmore 014

Biltmore 015

Biltmore 017

Biltmore 026

Biltmore 101

Biltmore 102

Biltmore 019

We managed to see a lot in one day at the Biltmore but we were pretty tired by the end of our time. If you are going to trek through the gardens and property I would suggest wearing good walking shoes and if it’s a warm day carry some water with you. I mentioned before that I love Wisteria so I was pleased to be able to see it in bloom. I’ll still be sharing the Azalea Garden, The Bass Pond, and Antler Hill Village.

Now back to the future. Yesterday was my most exhausting air travel experience ever! My flight from Jacksonville was supposed to leave at 3:54 then I got an email saying it was changed to 4:54 then when I was at the airport the time was changed to 6:04 and then the time was changed to 6:41. My connecting flight in Atlanta was at 6:10 so I knew I was in trouble. After lots of juggling and kind talking to the agents I got on standby on a 6:04 flight to Atlanta. When I arrived in Atlanta I ran quite a distance to get to a gate with a flight to Orlando leaving at 7:55 (missed that one) but the agent kindly secured me a seat on the 8:55 flight to Orlando. I arrived 45 minutes after Dear and he was in baggage claim waiting for me. What a great sight it was to see his face after 19 days apart. I was really pleased to find my suitcase, too.

Our taxi ride was harrowing. I don’t know if the driver was falling asleep but he had trouble staying in a lane. He straddled the lanes and braked and accelerated for no reason. I think the best way to describe the ride being so close to Walt Disney World is to stay it was “Mr Toad’s Wild Ride”.  I thanked the Lord when we pulled up in front of the hotel alive. I’m going to lay low today and recuperate from my day yesterday.

Is this a long weekend in Canada?

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6 thoughts on “Biltmore Shrub Garden

  1. What a memorable trip you and Katie had together! The wisteria looks heavenly! I miss many flowering shrubs and trees out here–the climate here is not that favorable for early spring plants and shrubs. I’m so glad you made connections and will be on your way home soon. The best taxi drivers we ever had were in Chicago –New York taxi drives can also be harrowing!

  2. Oh my goodness! Harrowing sounds like the perfect word for your experience. In fact, it was the exact word my mom used several times today in relating her travel fiasco. (She did not make her destination.)

    It is also odd that you referred to Mr. Toad tonight. My local grands are spending the weekend at our house, and we watched the Masterpiece Theatre production of The Wind and the Willows this evening.

    Hope your stay in Florida is less memorable than your trip to get there! 🙂

  3. Looks like a perfect day for you and Katie….other than the taxi ride! Hope you had a relaxing day today.

  4. Yes, it’s Victoria Day long weekend for us. But I won’t see flowers so beautiful like these here in Calgary, have to go to Vancouver and Victoria.

  5. Oh boy…. you aren’t the only one with travel woes. This Super Shuttle took us on a two lane road (with speed limit 25-30 mph) from Pittsburgh Airport to downtown Pittsburgh. The ride took about 1 1/2 hours! And I was only airborne for about 32 minutes to get to Pittsburgh Airport. And then, I found out that some had serious delay getting to Pittsburgh to attend Quilt Market. Some ended up driving after being told their flights were canceled.

    Love the pictures of the wisteria!

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