SeaJack Roadtrip Day #1

I decided to name our road trip from Seattle, Washington to Jacksonville, North Carolina…SeaJack.

We traveled across Washington, Idaho and halfway across Montana on Sunday, the first day of our road trip (677 miles). We are now settled into our hotel enjoying a relaxing evening. Here are some highlights in photos of day one.

My favorite part of today was meeting up with Dan and Jamie in Spokane Valley for brunch.

P1050064Such a joy to see their faces and spend a little time together.

Katie took the wheel for a while after we made it into Montana and the next few photos are from the car on Interstate 90 in Montana on our way to Bozeman. Did you know that the speed limit in Montana is mostly 75 miles per hour? Woohoo!





After we arrived in Bozeman shortly after 6 PM we found historic Main street and had a light dinner at the Copper Whiskey. I enjoyed the beet salad and Katie had a pulled pork sandwich.

Road Day 1

Tomorrow we head to Rapid City South Dakota watching the weather reports closely.

About Ellen am a wife, mother, baba (grandmother) and a loyal friend. Jesus is my King and my hope is in my future with Him.

9 thoughts on “SeaJack Roadtrip Day #1

  1. You say “Woohoo!” and I say “Oh no!” to the 75mph speed limit. 😀
    But it’s so nice to hear a good report for Day 1 and to know that you are safe and sound tonight. I love that you’ve named your trip!!

  2. Beautiful country! I can imagine all the time you have for discussions in that car together. =D Right: Keep an eye on the sky!

  3. I’m wondering if Cheryl has ever driven through Montana, it’s a pretty forsaken looking state much like Saskatchewan (Canada).

  4. Our family has a cabin on Flathead Lake in northwest Montana. It was about a 2 1/2 day drive to get there and I LOVED when they didn’t have a speed limit. You could do whatever. There was so much of the state on the interstate that was not well traveled and Big Sky Country fit. Praying for safe travels, that God calms the skies as you go. There is so much beauty in that state, part of my heart is there…I long to go back.

  5. That’s quite a journey you are on. Those were awesome shots of the country side. I love it when states have higher speed limits especially on straight stretches of roads. Have a wonderful time.

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