Tea Table Inspiration…

Here are more of the tables that were decorated for our Friendship tea last Saturday. Lots of photos and few words. Enjoy…

2014-04-04 Tea 20141

2014-04-05 2014 NSB Tea6

2014-04-05 2014 NSB Tea8

2014-04-04 Tea 20142

2014-04-05 2014 NSB Tea9

2014-04-05 2014 NSB Tea10

2014-04-05 2014 NSB Tea11

2014-04-05 2014 NSB Tea12

2014-04-05 2014 NSB Tea13

2014-04-05 2014 NSB Tea14

2014-04-04 Tea 20143

2014-04-04 Tea 20146

2014-04-04 Tea 20145One of the tables had food art. I really enjoyed looking at all the details.

2014-04-05 2014 NSB Tea7I didn’t get a photo of the croissant sandwiches that we were served.

2014-04-05 2014 NSB Tea16All the tables on the main floor. There were 8 half tables in the balcony, too.

2014-04-05 2014 NSB Tea15The view of the room from my table.

Do you have a favorite color combination or centerpiece or theme from these tables? Also which piece of food art did you enjoy the most?

I’ve been getting busy around here preparing to be gone from this old house. We took Katie and Andrew’s car in to be checked over before we take it on the road across the country. Have any of you driven across country through Washington, Idaho, Montana, South Dakota, Iowa, Illinois, Missouri, Tennessee and North Carolina? Any recommendations on cities to spend the night in or attractions to see along the way? Any tips on cities to avoid like the plague?

About Ellenhttps://happywonderer.com/I am a wife, mother, baba (grandmother) and a loyal friend. Jesus is my King and my hope is in my future with Him.

12 thoughts on “Tea Table Inspiration…

  1. The event was so well done…so many beautiful tables, so much inspiration. I love the quilt on your table. Thanks for inviting us for a peek. Cherry Kay…..have a great drive. I love to travel this magnificent country of ours!

  2. How beautiful! All the tables are lovely and some soooo creative! I love the one with the camera and photos. And the food art made me smile. The fish was awesome. Enjoy your road trip!

  3. Kansas City! Kansas City! Kansas City!!!!!!!!!!!!!!! Despite all the hoopla in the news right now, this is a really great city with a lot of FABULOUS food offerings!!! We have several wonderful entertainment districts, and the people here go out of their way to make you feel welcome. If you know you’re coming to KC, I want to meet you!!!!!!!!!!!

    OK, now that I’ve done my duty as a Kansas City Ambassador, let’s talk tablescapes! There were a bunch of them that I really liked. There are some very talented ladies at that church!!! If I had to pick favorites (besides YOURS, of course!), I guess the one with all the yellow flowers with the pretty yellow, black and white plates is a fav. Also the one with the natural elements for a centerpiece just above the food art photo. And that food art….WOW!!! How neat is that???!!!!! The dolphin is really cool, but I have to vote the fish with those lips as my favorite. Really creative!!!

    Have a great weekend!

  4. I took note of that dolphin right away! The tables are all so lovely…what a creative group of gals! Now how did it work again? One gal decorated a table for her guests? One gal didn’t do everything did she?

    • One gal with any helpers she could get (sisters, daughters, friends) decorated her own table. Everything else was provided by the church. No cooking or serving by the hostess of the table.
      There were stacks of stuff you could borrow, too, if need be. The three tiered plate holders were provided, too.

  5. What fun to see all the happy tables. About traveling, I’ve not driven through most of the states you mention but have been through Tennessee and North Carolina. I like Franklin and visiting Cranton Plantation which has so much Civil War history. The Bluebird Cafe in Nashville is a don’t miss and of course there’s the Grand Ole Opry museum. (That’s not the right name, but you can find it.) I love Asheville, NC. You will find lots to explore there.

  6. Such beautiful tables…such gifted and creative women who decorated the! It reminds me of the Christmas dinner we have every year at our church. Afraid I can’t help much with your trip…Nashville and Chattanooga in Tenn have some interesting things to see. Just depends on how much time you want to spend there. Knowing you, I am sure it will be a memorable and fun trip full of adventure! 🙂

  7. Wow – those tables are gorgeous! Such a lot of creativity unleashed in that room!! Bet there was a lot of traffic on pinterest beforehand! Was it to raise funds for something? Or just for fun alone?

    I don’t have any suggestions – since I’ve never driven across Canada let alone the USA. But, I’ll be looking forward to enjoying your trip vicariously!

  8. Some pretty impressive table settings, Ellen. Must’ve been quite the preparation and how fun for the hostesses to have their wares admired. The food art was great 😉

  9. I really enjoyed seeing all these tables, so many neat details and inspiration.

    If you go to Nashville, TN, be sure to see the Gaylord Opryland Resort/convention center/ shopping, etc. Gorgeous with lust greenery, waterfalls, a boat ride inside, a must see!

    Have a fun and safe trip!


  10. Oh Ellen – I have SO enjoyed reading about your tea and have loved seeing the pictures of the tablescapes – they are all so beautiful and this is such a brilliant idea!!! I’m sure I will be referring back to these posts. Thanks for sharing these amazing ideas.

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