Birds, Nests, Eggs!

It’s time for Cuisine Kathleen’s Let’s Dish challenge and her theme is Birds~ Nests~ Eggs.

We just had our Women’s Friendship Tea at our church this past Saturday and I happened to have a sweet bird on a nest in a cage as my centerpiece. So timely!

2014 NSB Tea 001

2014 NSB Tea 002

2014 NSB Tea 046

2014 NSB Tea 133

2014 NSB Tea 084

2014 NSB Tea 122

2014 NSB Tea 097

2014 NSB Tea 113

2014 NSB Tea 112

2014 NSB Tea 111

2014 NSB Tea 102

2014 NSB Tea 082

2014 NSB Tea 048

2014 NSB Tea 001

2014 NSB Tea 002

Tea 2014 008

2014 NSB Tea 060

2014-04-05 2014 NSB Tea2My guests…Susan, Shavonne, Laura, Wilma, Pat, Andra, Judy, Katy, and Katie.

2014-04-05 2014 NSB TeaThere were a total of 36 tables at our Friendship Tea. It was organized so well with hand made food in our church kitchen. Many of the men and boys in our church volunteered to serve the tables and they poured our tea and made sure we had what we needed throughout the program. There were take home gifts for each of our guests and door prizes, too.

2014 NSB Tea 089

2014 NSB Tea 057The theme this year was Snapshots: Behind every snapshot there is a story. I will have a few more posts showing the rest of the creative tables and the photo booth opportunities before and after the tea in our church lobby. Here’s a panorama photo of several of the tables in our worship center.

2014 NSB Tea 049This was the first year since Dear and I have been attending Northshore Baptist Church that I was able to participate in the Friendship Tea. What a wonderful well run event it is.

2014 NSB Tea 131Katie and my snapshot at one of the photo booth backdrops in the lobby. Stay tuned for many more snapshots from this event.

I’m looking forward to visiting all the posts linked at Kathleen’s Birds~Nests~Eggs challenge.

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35 thoughts on “Birds, Nests, Eggs!

  1. A beautiful table…but I am not surprised! That is one of your many gifts…creating special tablescapes!

  2. That looks like a wonderful event! That table is so sweet, and feminine, it is ok to use that word isn’t it? 🙂 I love all the Spring colors and pretty dishes. Can’t wait to see the rest of it, post away! I bet the food was wonderful!
    Thanks so much for taking the challenge!

  3. Oh, what a perfect Spring table!!! That flowered china and tea set is gorgeous and the birdcage centerpiece is wonderful. Looks like a fabulous event!

  4. All the wonderful detail. The name cards look like they are an exact match to the tablecloth….Such a gorgeous table. I don’t think any bird would mind sitting in a cage on your table!

  5. Beautiful way to enjoy your church group! The flowered tablecloth and name tags are so lovely. Your centerpiece with the bird in the cage is precious. Have a great week!


  6. Wow you did a spectacular job! Love the cute bird cage and all the name cards you created. The china is beautiful and the green chargers shows helps show off the pattern nicely! Looks like a nice event for all.

  7. You have set a lovely Spring table for tea. Everything is so charmingly feminine. The bird cage is so fitting to celebrate the long awaited arrival of spring.

  8. Ellen, you just don’t disappoint. I knew I would love your table but then you went and picked a favorite color combination on top of it all. Such a lovely welcoming decor. I love the photo of you and Katie too. I’m glad you will be sharing more.

  9. Ellen, that is the sweetest table! The birdcage is perfect for your centerpiece and those dishes… I’m swooning over the delicate pattern. What a fun party at your church!

  10. The decorations have a distinctly Ellen elegance about them. BTW, someone at my church walked up to me and told me that she saw me in a picture on the internet at Tranquility Tea Shop – but my name was Willow…what was that all about? I explained. It must have been on your blog from 2010.

  11. Ellen, the Friendship Tea looks like a wonderful event and I like the theme! I was wondering how you took the overhead shot, but I see there is a second floor or loft! Beautiful tables and the food looks good too. I’m looking forward to seeing more. Linda

  12. Can’t wait to see the other tables. What a great event. Evething looks wonderful.
    We had a spring fashion show this past weekend at our and church. We had 130 ladies, hope to post photos soon.
    Question for you, how do transport your dishes and items to an event?

  13. Your church tea event looks fabulous. Whoever planned it has a real eye for details. I look forward to seeing more of it! Love the photo at the end, very cute!!

  14. First of all, your header photo is GORGEOUS! I would love to dine there! And your table for the friendship luncheon is eye candy, as well. So pretty and feminine! The green chargers were the perfect addition.

  15. Ellen, you surpassed yourself yet again. It looks like such a great event. Can you invite your MGCC gals next year? I know I’d love to come just to see the creativity!

  16. OMG! This is unreal, how stunning everything in this happy, cheery Easter table is! What an awesome event you participated in! Thanks for sharing!

  17. What a super sweet table! Although I see one other table with sashes on the chairs, I do believe your table was the only one complete with chair covers!!!!! Wow! You really went all out!

    I think it’s sweet that the men and boys volunteered to serve the ladies. What a sight that must have been…MEN pouring tea! I hope you have a picture of that in your stash!!! 🙂

    This was a really nice affair. I hope all the ladies thoroughly enjoyed themselves!

  18. This is all just delightful! I’ve always thought doing one of these teas at church would be so much fun (and of course, work! I really like ALL that you did, the pink and green is so pretty! I love the snapshots theme and the photo ops very creative, I especially like the big picture frames. I also like that you shared pictures of real people at your tablescape! I look forward to seeing more pictures and details. I did scroll down and saw some of your other posts about the tea! I’m sure everybody enjoyed it all thoroughly!


  19. This looks like such a fun event! I pick table number 36 as my favorite! There may be a bit of a bias, but still… you went all out again! I’m sure it was a great evening!

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