M is for Mt. Vernon…

“Mount Vernon sits at the center of Skagit County, a true slice of Pacific Northwest heaven located halfway between Seattle and Vancouver, BC. About 25 miles wide and 95 miles long, some of Washington’s most scenic and pristine landscape is found in the Upper Skagit’s North Cascades National Park. From there the land flows like the Skagit River through nutrient-rich farmland to the shores of the Salish Sea.”

In April people from around the world descend on Mount Vernon and the Skagit Valley for it’s annual Skagit Valley Tulip Festival. Here are some photos to show you why. My daughter Katie and I headed north form our house to see the blooms on Monday. We enjoyed a wonderful 70 degree day and got a little sunburned as we tiptoed through the tulips!

Tulips 002

Tulips 024

Tulips 037

It’s best to wear mud boots when you go to the tulip fields!

Tulips 087

Tulips 046

Beautiful daffodils bloom here, too.

Tulips 177

Tulips 165

Tulips 159

Later this week I’ll be posting more of my photos from our Monday in Mount Vernon!

ABC Wednesday is a weekly meme that originated with Denise Nesbitt and now others keep it rolling along.

I’m also linking up to Outdoor Wednesday hosted by Susan at  A Southern Daydreamer.

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30 thoughts on “M is for Mt. Vernon…

  1. LOL! This Mount Vernon is beautiful! We have one in Missouri, but it’s not filled with tulips. And there’s also a Mount Vernon in Virginia where George Washington’s estate is located. Plus, there’s one in New York, Iowa, Ohio and Indiana! Popular name but I bet this one is the prettiest.

  2. MAGNIFICENT blooms! My favourite flower – we’re having all tulips at the wedding! Thanks for your lovely comment – I have had “Do You Believe in Magic?” going through my brain for over a week now! We must be of the same vintage! lol

    abcw team

  3. Who said that Holland was the country of bulbs, tulips? you know the song:” Tulips from Amsterdam”. Well we know now that there are just as many tulips in your country!!
    Wil, ABCW Team.

  4. So. so beautiful!!! Katie matches the tulips – so pretty!!! I just can’t believe how far ahead Spring is in your area compared to here…. I have hope that our Spring will come too, eventually!!

  5. lovely pictures! funny, Mt Vernon means George Washington’s home in Virginia to me! I didn’t know there was a Mt. Vernon out west too! And your photos of tulip fields look like photos my mother took in the Netherlands.
    Happy Outdoor Wednesday to you!

  6. Wow! What a gorgeous sight…all those tulips! And daffodils to boot! I’d say it would be worth tip-toeing through a little mud as well. Your Katie looks lovely surrounded by tulips.

    (As an aside…if you lived in the East, a trip to Mt. Vernon would mean a visit to George Washington’s home.) 🙂

    • Cheryl, Yep…thought of that. Maybe I should add my retro photo of me at that Mt. Vernon in 1971! It’s fitting for there to be a Mt. Vernon in the state of Washington!

  7. Our roundabouts are always planted with tulips, I’m waiting to see what colour contrasts they will use this year but there is always pink. Mount Vernon looks spectacular, your own little tulip looks lovely with that wonderful swathe of pink in the background.

  8. What a wonderful day out to see my favourite flowers, you are truly blessed to live in such a ‘magnificent’, country,
    best wishes,

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