V is for Vegetable Whimsy

The annual Spring Tea at our church had so many lovely decorated tables and one of the tables had some unique decorations using fruits and vegetables.

Tea 2014 019

Tea 2014 018

Tea 2014 025

Tea 2014 024

Tea 2014 023

Tea 2014 026

Hope this post made you smile!

Thank you to Denise Nesbitt and the ABC Wednesday Team for keeping this meme going.

Tea Table Inspiration…

Here are more of the tables that were decorated for our Friendship tea last Saturday. Lots of photos and few words. Enjoy…

2014-04-04 Tea 20141

2014-04-05 2014 NSB Tea6

2014-04-05 2014 NSB Tea8

2014-04-04 Tea 20142

2014-04-05 2014 NSB Tea9

2014-04-05 2014 NSB Tea10

2014-04-05 2014 NSB Tea11

2014-04-05 2014 NSB Tea12

2014-04-05 2014 NSB Tea13

2014-04-05 2014 NSB Tea14

2014-04-04 Tea 20143

2014-04-04 Tea 20146

2014-04-04 Tea 20145One of the tables had food art. I really enjoyed looking at all the details.

2014-04-05 2014 NSB Tea7I didn’t get a photo of the croissant sandwiches that we were served.

2014-04-05 2014 NSB Tea16All the tables on the main floor. There were 8 half tables in the balcony, too.

2014-04-05 2014 NSB Tea15The view of the room from my table.

Do you have a favorite color combination or centerpiece or theme from these tables? Also which piece of food art did you enjoy the most?

I’ve been getting busy around here preparing to be gone from this old house. We took Katie and Andrew’s car in to be checked over before we take it on the road across the country. Have any of you driven across country through Washington, Idaho, Montana, South Dakota, Iowa, Illinois, Missouri, Tennessee and North Carolina? Any recommendations on cities to spend the night in or attractions to see along the way? Any tips on cities to avoid like the plague?

Tea for Two…

…or a few hundred!

Tomorrow is our Friendship Tea at church. Today was table setting time and it was so much fun to see all the creativity being pulled together under one roof. There will be 36 tables all set and ready to go by 10:45 tomorrow morning. I got some shots of some of the tables in progress.

2014-04-04 Tea 2014

I will walk about tomorrow morning before our guests arrive to take more photos of the tables all set and ready to go.

I was exhausted by the time I was done and Dear, Katie and I went out to dinner which I was thankful for. Do you have any plans for the weekend?