Snoqualmie Falls

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Tuesday was such a beautiful day that Katie and I decided to take the drive to Snoqualmie Falls. Although it was dry with clear blue skies and a few fluffy clouds we still got rained on by the falls themselves. The river was running so full and strong that the spray off the falls fell like rain anywhere close.

Snoqualmie 008

Snoqualmie 005

Snoqualmie 012

Snoqualmie 014

Snoqualmie 015

Snoqualmie 035

Snoqualmie 039

Snoqualmie 044 Snoqualmie 018

On Tuesday evening Katie and I went out together to celebrate her and Andrew’s anniversary. Dear is in Florida until tonight so it was just the girls. We chose a waterfront restaurant because the weather was so great. I’ll share the photos from our dinner on another day.

Today was another glorious day and I even had to turn my air conditioning on in the car. I am looking forward to Dear coming home tonight. How’s the weather where you are? I hope it hasn’t turned nasty for you again…

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10 thoughts on “Snoqualmie Falls

  1. Ugh – it’s nasty alright! This too shall pass. We had a day of glorious Spring yesterday but now have a full forecast of extra cold temps again. We’ll keep trying to spring Spring! Your trip to the Falls looks amazing. What a great way for you to celebrate with Katie!

  2. What a gorgeous waterfall! And such a nice day for Katie and you. So glad you were able to celebrate together. We’re getting some warmer temps but a storm is forecast for tonight. It could be snow, freezing rain or rain – we’ll have to wait and see. Typical March weather for around here.

  3. Nasty is right rain freezing rain snow and wind here in the Catskills of NY. What beautiful pictures,I visited the falls when visiting my sister who lives in Olympia. Enjoy the sun.

  4. More beautiful scenery!! The falls are gorgeous –breathtaking!– and I’m sure they’re even more beautiful in person. Your Katie is also gorgeous. (I am a huge fan of red hair! Even as a girl, I wanted to have a child with red hair, and yet I was surprised when my firstborn was a redhead!)

    I love that you celebrated the anniversary! It is something to be celebrated, even if the two are temporarily apart.

    (Thanks for your kind words about my kitchen! I’ll be keeping my eyes out for your bathroom remodel. It sounds like an ambitious project, but one you’ll be happy you’ve done when it’s all over!)

  5. There’s a lot of water coming over those falls. Such an amazing sight. Congrats to Katie and Andrew on their anniversary. How hard to be apart for so long.

  6. Oh I’ll skip right past that question…

    The falls are gorgeous. My Sunday photo features the falls in my town. LOL!

    So glad that you gals honored the day with dinner out! Good thinking. Next year, you’ll not be invited. = D

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