C is for Cemeteries

Some of the places that I like to visit when we travel are cemeteries. I only enjoy very old cemeteries. Here is a sampling from several of the cemeteries I’ve visited.

Alton to Cotswolds 199St. James Church in Chipping Campden (Cotswolds) U.K. September 2013

IMGP9396Monumentale Cemetery in Milan, Italy March of 2013

IMGP7563Graceland Cemetery in Chicago, Illinois May of 2012

IMGP7117IMGP7115Riverside National Cemetery California May 2012. My Father in law is buried at this cemetery.

Arlington National Cemetery May 2011

Oakland Cemetery in Atlanta, Georgia October 2012

Ivy Lawn Cemetery in Ventura, California

Calvary Cemetery ~ Seattle June 2008

Crosses could have been an added theme for the letter C. I wouldn’t mind re-visiting some of these cemeteries. I have a goal in my head to visit a very old cemetery covered in snow…

Hope your week is going well.

I’m joining in the fun at ABC Wednesday click over to see more Letter C posts!

About Ellenhttps://happywonderer.com/I am a wife, mother, baba (grandmother) and a loyal friend. Jesus is my King and my hope is in my future with Him.

17 thoughts on “C is for Cemeteries

  1. I’m not much for visiting cemeteries but after seeing your photo of the one in Milan I do want to visit that one! There’s an interesting cemetery in Buenos Aires that I think you would enjoy, hope you get to see it.

  2. You know, some people find cemeteries creepy. I find them to be works of art and places of reverence for those who have passed away. Your photos are absolutely spectacular.

    abcw team

  3. I also love to visit old historic cemeteries, Ellen. The one I volunteered at when I lived in Brooklyn was so beautiful and interesting with mnay historical people from the past buried there. It also had a few of the same headstones of a woman hanging off a cross –I guess it was a common Victorian age theme.

    My father and mother are buried in a National Cemetery My father was very proud that he served in WW2 and Korea!

  4. Your cemetery pictures are beautiful Ellen. Such a great theme for the letter C. There may be some old ones in the Eastern side of the country right now that are snow covered if you’re interested – just sayin’!

  5. I too enjoy visiting cemeteries reading headstones fascinate me and I am amazed at how folks like to be remembered! These are beautiful, thank you for sharing.

  6. I love cemeteries and imagine the stories behind each life there. It makes me kinda sad that so many of today’s people are choosing cremation because that takes away a bit of human history.

  7. A wonderfully varied selection of cemeteries. They are fascinating places. The veterans memorial is so simple yet arresting. You’ve put that snow goal into my head now. although with all the rain we are having here I don’t think it will be this winter for me. There is a cemetery near me that is always covered in snowdrops at this time of year which always looks lovely.

  8. If you are ever in Massachusetts there are two very beautiful old cemeteries. One is in Concord (also home of Minuteman National Park, where the first battle for our country took place) It’s called Sleepy Hollow cemetery. Ralph Waldo Emerson is buried there, along with Thoreau, Louisa May Alcott (little woman) and her family, Nathanial Hawthorne and a few others that I cannot remember now. There is also a beautiful monument to 3 brothers who died during the civil war. The other cemetery is in Lowel and is also beautiful with all kinds of gardens and unique graves.

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