Tuesday Tips!

GrazieWe enjoy eating earlier these days so when we decide to eat out we try different Happy Hours around the area. Some Happy Hours are happier than others.  Last Friday we re-visited an old favorite from a few years ago and were very pleased. All of these dishes were half priced and each selection was plenty for the three of us to enjoy. Yes, three, as our daughter Katie is still with us while our Son-in-law Andrew is serving in Afghanistan. There were three meatballs on that plate before I took the photo. We were pleased with the selections that Grazie in Canyon Park offered.

P1040819This Bruschetta appetizer was great with the added ricotta and herb spread and olive tapenade. I’ll be trying to duplicate it and will post it on the Mennonite Girls Can Cook webpage. I’m thinking it will be a great dish for Super Bowl Sunday.

Speaking of Andrew if you are a praying friend of mine could you please pray that Andrew’s time in Afghanistan will not be extended? We all would appreciate it here at this old house. Originally he would be returning before April. Now we are praying he’ll be home before May.

Monday was an amazingly non-productive day at his old house. I did manage to make dinner. Can I have some applause please? Thank you. I hear our Midwest and Eastern friends will be experiencing some more nasty winter weather this week. Stay safe please! All we have in the forecast here is rain…

About Ellenhttps://happywonderer.com/I am a wife, mother, baba (grandmother) and a loyal friend. Jesus is my King and my hope is in my future with Him.

7 thoughts on “Tuesday Tips!

  1. It all looks yummy…and half price makes it even more attractive! Your Mon sounds like my Sat. Stayed in my pjs all day, but I did manage to cook dinner! Will pray for Andrew’s timely return home. I know Katie misses him terribly!

  2. Those dishes look good enough to eat. Wish Canadian restaurants did more Happy Hours. At this time in our lives we love sharing dishes more and more. Just had a little prayer time for your family situation. It must be so difficult for Katie and Andrew. The little chorous “In His Time” just came into my thoughts. I’ll leave this with you for today.

  3. It all looks great! We’ll definitely have to try it. Grazie in Canyon Park really isn’t that far from here, and going early makes it even more fun. Especially since the days really do seem to be getting longer and staying light longer. (I can be such a Pollyanna at times!)

  4. Applause. That you got dinner made on Monday. I cooked a new soup recipe…and it took me a good part of the afternoon.

    Love your idea of sampling Happy Hour menus.

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