Lots to be Thankful For…

So many blessings to think about and be thankful for. Today I’m joining Susanne at Living to Tell the Story with Friday’s Fave Five . My Favorites for this week will revolve around Katie’s trip to Southern California. For those of you who don’t visit very often our daughter Katie has been living with us since September while our Son-in-Law, Andrew is serving with the Marine Corp in Afghanistan. She will be with us until his return sometime in the Spring. When we get a more definitive return date she and I will drive their car and some belongings across country from Washington to North Carolina and try to set up some type of living arrangement before his arrival. Now I’m ready with the Five…

1. That Katie could spend some time with my dear old pop while she was in Southern California. The photo above is of the two of them from last year at the senior apartment building where he lives.

Disney winter

2. That Katie was able to spend 2 fun packed days at Disneyland with some of her cousins. The goal was to see Disneyland while it was still all decorated for Christmas. Katie’s cousins have Disney year long passes and Katie was able to get a great 3 day pass for a good military discount.

3. I was talking to my pop this morning and he was telling me that he thanks God every day for his children, his grandchildren and his great grandchildren. It is so pleasing to see how well this group of cousins gets along and how much they love each other. The above photo was taken in Southern California in March of 2013.

T-Day and after 001

4. From December 3rd thru January 19th we celebrate the birthdays of four of our children. I’m so thankful for each one of them and how unique they are. I’m also very thankful that they love each other and can talk to each other and laugh at each other! Tonight we will be celebrating Josh about 9 days early but he’ll be gone next weekend serving at Junior High Winter camp so like always we go with the flow and celebrate whenever we can.

P1040734This photo is from Laura’s birthday celebration early in December…

Andrew training

5. We are thankful for our son-in-law, Andrew. He is serving all of us in harms way. I like to post this photograph every so often to remind anyone who visits here that many of our young men and women are away from the comforts of home serving our country and to remind us to pray for them that they will return home safe and sound. Semper Fi!

What are you thankful for today?

About Ellenhttps://happywonderer.com/I am a wife, mother, baba (grandmother) and a loyal friend. Jesus is my King and my hope is in my future with Him.

21 thoughts on “Lots to be Thankful For…

  1. I often think of your Andrew and remember him and Katie in prayer. I’m sure they’re counting the days til they’re together again.

    In the meantime how lovely that Katie is home with you and Dear and is getting some great family visits in. Happy Birthday to Josh and all the Dec. birthday people! We’ve learned to go with the flow too 🙂

    Happy weekend Ellen!

  2. You do have very much to be thankful for. Can you imagine having children who are at each other’s throats all the time? I know some families like that. It’s awful. And it’s good to know that your dad is a praying, grateful man. And I am thankful, too, that men like your son-in-law are serving to keep the rest of us safe. (Women, too. John has a granddaughter still in the military serving on a ship somewhere in the Mediterranean.) I need to think more often of the things to be grateful for. The other stuff seems to want to plant itself in front of our noses.

  3. Your family look so lovely. What a blessing.

    I too am grateful for those who serve our countries to protect us, my brother-in-law is over in the middle east right now with the British RAF. I pray God will bless Andrew and keep him safe.


  4. Family blessings like yours are indeed a motivation for thankfulness. Children who get along are wonderful. I know of so many siblings who won’t speak with each other. How hurtful for the parents. I thankful for my family, immediate and extended, and for a warm, dry house on this windy, rainy afternoon.

  5. how wonderful that your daughter gets to be with you while her husband is serving our country. That is indeed a blessing. Love your photos…all the good family times!! Happy weekend!

  6. So much to be thankful for over here too! You’ve shared from the heart and I can see how prayers and gratefulness has blessed you and your family. Praying that Andrew comes home safe and sound – Katie must miss him so much!

  7. There are so many things to be thankful for every day! Right now, though, I am grateful for Andrew and your entire family who support him and his wife. I am going to include him in my prayers tonight, as well as all of you, too. You are most definitely blessed!

  8. So glad your daughter-in-law can stay with you while her husband’s away, and so thankful for his service for the rest of us. It’s a great blessing to have kids who love each other and enjoy being together.

  9. So many reasons for gratitude. Whenever I hear the word ‘Afghanistan’ on the news I think of Andrew and Katie and saw a prayer for him. It makes the world even smaller.
    It is so good that Katie can be with you through this deployment.

  10. How lovely that this FFF was about one of your daughters (Katie) and that it has lots of photos to go with the descriptions.

    2 full days at Disneyland with cousins while it has its Christmas clothes on is awesome. I’ve never seen the Christmas decorations at DL. Someday.

    Thanks for reminding us about Andrew. He and his platoon are in my prayers today.

    Have a lovely weekend, Ellen.

  11. What a beautiful post, Ellen. I got teary reading it.

    You have a lovely family, and I thank God with you for that and for your SIL remaining safe while guarding all of us here. God bless him mightily!

    I am thankful for family and friends, warmth and shelter, and all the blessings of this life and the one beyond. I am thankful to have known so many wonderful people here on earth, so many who have passed on into the world beyond this past year and in the first weeks of this year. I am thankful that we have a loving Savior who gave His life that we who believe in Him might live eternally. That is the real gift of Christmas and life as a whole, that we are so loved by such a merciful and benevolent God who is our Father and who looks after us with such tender care and concern.



  12. That’s an amazing photo of your son-in-law Andrew. So authentic and conveys so much about the brave men and women serving us all. Thanks for sharing, Ellen!

  13. How wonderful that Katie can stay with you while Andrew is gone. Praying for his safe and quick return! It’s such a blessing that all those cousins and siblings are friends.

  14. Isn’t it funny how often family birthdays can fall so close together? Of my mother’s seven grandchildren, four of them celebrate birthdays in a 16 day period in September.

    Thanks to Andrew and Katie for their sacrifice. As a military mom-in-law, I understand your feelings. Our Daniel is not deployed at this time, but I know it is coming …

    It’s awesome, though, that Katie can stay with you during this time and visit family.

  15. Tell Andrew thank you for serving! Our Marine is away from his family right now too. I remember these words which can encourage their wives: “They also serve who only stand and wait.”
    Three days at Disneyland=fun overload! I’m glad Katie had the opportunity to see her family down here.

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