Tender Mercies…

icy 010God’s faithfulness is revealed anew every morning.  My Lenten Rose is poking up it’s tender shoots from the earth showing me that once again life will be renewed.

IMGP1067This is one of my favorite flowers and just to see it in all its stages brings me joy.

IMGP1064icy 013

The shrubs in the front planter are showing off their red berries. I’ll have to investigate the name of this shrub. It stays green all year round but only shows off the berries part of the year.

2014-01-07 icyMy Christmas card line reminds me of many lives and families that have been a part of our history. I love getting cards and updates in the mail at Christmas time. This is the last part of Christmas that I haven’t put away yet.

I’m also enjoying some new gifts from family and friends.

IMGP1078A nice container to store my salt to use while cooking right next to my stove top.

IMGP1077I’m always drawn to heritage items that remind me where my ancestors came from.

icy 003This new gift to us makes drinking coffee very easy in the morning and we never have a half pot of coffee to dump. Hot water is also easy to dispense for tea.

IMGP1081This drawer of pods for the coffee maker tucks away nicely and is out of sight until you want a cuppa.

icy 005I’ll never tire of the gift of a photograph of our kids. When they come framed it’s twice as nice.

It’s really been amazing to hear and see news about the weather across our nation and in other countries. I hope you all have power and can stay nice and cozy and warm in your home.

I forgot to mention that my arm and shoulder feel great. It must have been a pinch that got un-pinched and for that I am so grateful!

About Ellenhttps://happywonderer.com/I am a wife, mother, baba (grandmother) and a loyal friend. Jesus is my King and my hope is in my future with Him.

14 thoughts on “Tender Mercies…

  1. Wow…Lenten Rose already? That’s amazing! What a great treat for your sensibilities!

    Your Christmas card line is pretty neat…something I’d like to replicate. I never quite know what to do with the cards we receive each year, so they always end up in a decorative bowl on a table. Not so easy for people to see them that way. I’ll have to keep your idea in mind for next year.

    I’m so glad you’re enjoying this winter time with reminders of family and natural beauty around you. Have a wonderful Wednesday!

  2. Your Lenten Rose surprised me. It is so easy to forget not everyone in the country is frozen like us. Somebody left the back door to the Artic open. That is a fun way to display your cards. Christmas cards didn’t happen for me this year so I decided to send out something in March when no one is expecting such a thing. I have many friends with new Keurigs and they are all happy with them so far. We are pondering getting one as I think it would be fun to have the variety without having to buy big bags of different things. I LOVE family pictures and that is a fun one from your son. We are emerging from the bitter cold and I will venture out today. I’m imagining your weather and hanging on!

  3. I love my Keurig! I drink way more coffee now that it’s so very easy 🙂 And Christmas cards, the sending and the receiving, are my favorite thing about Christmas, other than, of course, baby Jesus and the Incarnation!

  4. Yay for the unpinching! I really like your salt keeper. We seldom toss a half pot of coffee, but we sometimes must drink more than our share. Christmas cards are so much fun!

  5. The young shoots on your Lenten Rose are so delicate looking. Sweet line of notes…and framed photo. So glad God has answered prayers in regards to your shoulder…now don’t go over doing it.

  6. Are we really looking for spring ?? or is your Lenten Rose very early? It sounds lovely!
    And I think you were sweetly spoiled/loved at Christmas time .. I think you are the Lenten Rose to your family !! smile and I add my relief to yours that your arm/shoulder is better !! and ….NO MORE PINCHING !!

  7. It must be so nice to see your roses emerging from the ground already–we will have to wait till May for that sight!

    We have a Keurig and love it!

    I still have my Christmas cards on display–but they are all in a basket except for photo cards which stay on my refrigerator all year 🙂

    That is a cute “Wild West” photo of your son and his girlfriend, Ellen.

  8. Wow, shoots poking up through the ground already? Even though it’s been beautiful and warm here the last couple of days we still have snow cover and are far, far away from that. Love, love, love the picture with the wood frame. Glad to hear your shoulder is feeling better!

  9. Hmmm…maybe I should go peek around and see if we have some snowdrops somewhere. Lenten roses would be a real bonus treat!
    I didn’t get as many Christmas cards this year as I have in the past; one friend observed that with stamps going up to fifty cents she is “out” of sending cards in the future. Glad the pinch undid itself!

  10. Ellen, I really like the way you display your Christmas cards. Love your salt keeper by the stove. Great idea. We love our Keurig. It surprised me that I really like for crowds. I used to make a pot of reg and a pot of decaf when we had company (and ended up pouring out a lot of coffee). Now, I let everybody chose their own pod and have instant coffee with no waste. Such a cute pic of your children. laurie

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