Sunday in Seattle…

On Sunday morning we headed to Seattle to have brunch at Palisade on Elliott Bay.

Palisade 005

It was very windy and the water was choppy with white caps. We had the sun blinding us and then getting blocked with clouds that the wind whipped through the skies.

Palisade 001

Palisade 003

Palisade 008

Palisade 009

Palisade 011

Palisade 012

Palisade 013

Palisade 017

Palisade 018

Palisade 019

Palisade 022

2013-11-17 Palisade1

The sun kept breaking through so after brunch and our photos in the wind we decided to head to Pike Place Market and see if we could find a parking spot and enjoy the market and all it has to offer.

Palisade 037pike place g & eOur son just sent me this photo so I’m adding it into my post after the fact.


Palisade 036

2013-11-17 Palisade

When our parking time was up Dear and I headed home leaving the “kids” to do a little shopping before they joined us at home again. The skies and views tempted me to take photos from the car on the ride home.

2013-11-17 Palisade2

Palisade 052

Palisade 054

We had a wonderful weekend. Dan and Jamie left to go over the pass while it was still early and light on Monday. A very good choice as the weather is worsening with more snow predicted to fall in our passes.

The rest of the week is relatively free for us. The only thing on the books is our small group meeting here on Thursday evening. I’m looking forward to getting things thought through for Christmas. Maybe I’ll even start on our Christmas letter…maybe. Have you started thinking, planning, or buying for Christmas?

About Ellen am a wife, mother, baba (grandmother) and a loyal friend. Jesus is my King and my hope is in my future with Him.

8 thoughts on “Sunday in Seattle…

  1. Wonderful photos! Looks as if it was a very successful weekend all the way around. Your peeps know how to smile! Your corner knows how to shine!

  2. Thinking. That’s about all that has happened over here for Christmas (except for a few things for the grands).

    Great photos of your gang. They are very co-operative when it comes to photo-taking! Mine are not always so eager to do pictures!

  3. I love these photos of Seattle. I was downtown at the Market about 6 months ago and it was wonderful. We had sun too 🙂

    As for Christmas, I have my cards – made by Minted and they are lovely. I have quite a weeded down list (as I live overseas the postage is twice as much as in the States). The task of getting them out is much easier as a result !

  4. Your photos make me think I’m due a visit to Seattle. It’s been a while. About Christmas, I haven’t even gotten my act together for thanksgiving yet. Maybe today…..

  5. It’s just so beautiful to view your photos. Sometimes we don’t need a lot of words and stories. The smiles and faces tell the story. Yes, I have started thinking about Christmas…I had no choice. I just finished making a batch of Tea Gebaeck…I wonder why?

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