Chipping Campden ~ Cotswolds

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“Chipping Campden is one of the loveliest small towns in the Cotswolds and a gilded masterpiece of limestone and craftmanship. The main street curves in a shallow arc lined with a succession of ancient houses each grafted to the next but each with its own distinctive embellishments.”

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“As the name suggests (“Chipping” means market or market place from the old English “Ceping”). Chipping Campden was one of the most important of the medieval wool towns and famous throughout Europe. This legacy of fame and prosperity is everything that give the town its character.

Campden was already established in the 7th century and derives its name from the Saxon “Campa-denu” or “Campadene”, meaning a valley with fields or enclosures of cultivated land.”

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Took this shot for my chicken/egg farmer friends!

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“For many visitors, Chipping Campden is the quintessential Cotswold town. It has a variety of building styles that have survived from all ages. Chipping Campden was one of the Cotswold’s main wool markets.”

2013-09-16 Alton to Cotswolds12World War I and World War II Memorials.

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The ancient Market Hall was built in 1627 by Sir Baptist Hicks for a cost of £90.00. It was for the purpose of giving shelter to the local market selling cheese, butter and poultry – not wool as is sometimes thought.

Each corner of the building has a pediment, and each gable had a window which is now blocked up. The side arches have stone ballustrades and the floor is paved with stone.

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We really enjoyed this small market town. There was a used bookstore in town where I found an Elizabeth Goudge book.


We also spent some time at St. James Church grounds and I’ll share those photos next along with some of it’s history.

I had a fun adventure with one of the “girls” last night and hope to share about that soon. It was a beautiful day on Wednesday here in the Seattle area.  Hope all is well where you live…

HT: Chipping Campden Tourist Information.

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12 thoughts on “Chipping Campden ~ Cotswolds

  1. Oh lovely that you found that particular book. It’s one of my favorites by E. Goudge.

    Beautiful community you have featured with all its remarkable history. I’m thinking that Sir Baptist was a lovely man to create such an “awning” for the vendors in the marketplace. Very thoughtful.

    Loved the sheep! I very nearly felt kissed. Ha!

  2. I love Chipping Camden–we visited many years ago when my hubby took me on my first trip to England. It looks exactly the same in your photos as it does in my memory. I still have some of their lovely blue trademark pottery, and I’m pretty sure that is the same cheese shop we visited!! You must be enjoying yourself there. Looking forward to hearing and seeing more! Linda

  3. Thank you for a look at Chipping Campden. Remembering our own visit there, but it was hot and sunny day. I think I’d like to see it in cooler climate. I’m loving all the little details you found and photographed. Congratulations on the EG book – I’ve not seen that dust cover before. It’s always so interesting to see what different artists come up with to illustrate covers of the same book over time and continents.

  4. Definitely putting the Cotswolds and Chipping Campden on my itinerary for the next UK visit. Such an interesting place! And way to go on the Goudge book – that really makes me want to visit there!! 🙂

  5. More wonderful architecture. These photos look like something out of a movie, with the merchant’s wares on the street. Cute picture in the phone booth. laurie

  6. Enjoyed walking along those stone pathways and streets with you while sipping coffee at my counter…..and a nice find at the book store.

  7. My favourite pictures are the one of the Cotwtswold Cheese company – love those bulging windows and walls. and the picture of the garden path/courtyard. Lovey – I can see why you liked it there.

  8. I’ve enjoyed wandering through this village with you by my side. There is so much beauty to be seen in it’s original form which makes me feel like we still lived in that era. There is something special about the history. I feel like I have a pebble in my shoe…can we stop for a minute?

  9. I’m with Marg…enjoying wandering through the English villages with you! Love the beauty of the old buildings and walkways…something we don’t have in this part of the world.

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