Happy Workers…

I love workers that smile and we had 4 of them at our house yesterday.

carpet 005

When the workers arrived the head honcho asked me to come out to the truck and make sure the carpeting was what I ordered. I knew it would be a fun time after he tried to trick me and showed me someone else’s carpeting first. Funny guy!

carpet 009They put a big tarp down on our front lawn for their cutting center. Good thing the sun was shining all day long and things are very dry around here. Mr. Shadow was smiling, too, at the crazy lady with the camera that kept snapping away.

carpet 010I didn’t realize we picked carpeting that all the vacuum strokes will show up on. Oh well, at least you’ll know we vacuumed just before you arrived at our door. We also picked darker carpet than we had before with a deeper tone to it for a little contrast to the new wood floors. Or maybe we wanted the color of dirt so you wouldn’t know just how dirty the carpets are after a few years?

Do you vacuum before company arrives or after they leave? Maybe you are really organized and have a special day each week when you vacuum? Or are you like a client of mine that I had in the past that vacuumed everyday because she liked having vacuum lines on her carpet? Do tell…

So yesterday was another day that Dear and I plopped down exhausted at the end of the day with no energy left to burn. After the carpeting install, Dear and I worked very hard to get the two guest rooms set up so we could get the mattress sets out of our kitchen area and we got the master bedroom semi organized.

We also had added emotional strain with news during the day that my mom had 3 near death episodes yesterday. It was a rough day for 3 of my sisters and my pop who were at her bedside for these episodes but this is the progression that is expected. These “episodes” are expected but very hard to experience.  Just wanted to give you all an update on my mom and to thank you again and again for thinking and praying for her and my pop and all of us as we wait on God’s timing for her homecoming. I love my bloggy friends!

About Ellenhttps://happywonderer.com/I am a wife, mother, baba (grandmother) and a loyal friend. Jesus is my King and my hope is in my future with Him.

15 thoughts on “Happy Workers…

  1. I really like your new carpet. As for your question, I always vacuum before the guests come. Otherwise, I try to vacuum every 5 days. I do like the way vacuum marks look – it makes me feel like I’ve really accomplished something.

    Bless your dear Mom & Dad and the whole family. I can’t begin to imagine how it must feel for you all. Thankful for the Rock that you can lean on at this time (at all times). God bless.

  2. Dear Ellen….God has brought your mom and pop, all of you actually, to my mind a lot. I’ve sat with many dying and it is precious to hear of your families closeness as you walk out these days.
    As to the carpet…YEA, you’re almost done. I do nothing with any sense of order. BUT, there are times when I have vacuumed that I put a pretty swirly patterns into my work.

  3. First I love the colour of your carpet.. goes so nice with your wall paint. And I love a worker who loves his job enough to tease his clients! too funny ….

    My thoughts of you turn quickly into prayers for you you and your Mom and family. I know there is no easy way to go through this… I’m thankful you have the Lord to carry you !

  4. I like the color a lot. Glad that the installation went well. That first kid has such a cute expression.

    Still praying for your family and you…

  5. Ellen, I’ve been thinking of your Mom throughout today. Will keep praying for her and the rest of your family.

    Re: vacuuming – definitely BEFORE, ha. I have to confess I haven’t vacuum as religiously as I have in my pre-Miss Baby days because she is deathly afraid of the vacuum noise. She is getting better about it, but it used to be this huge production I have to coordinate with my husband before we can vacuum the house.

  6. We love you too Ellen!! I think we have the exact same carpet only in a mossy green colour. I didn’t know that the vacuum and footprint marks would show either – sigh! No matter, I love the colour you chose and am glad to hear you’re getting things back in place.
    Praying for your mom and pop – these are hard times for all!

  7. That is some plush carpet. I like it. I vacuum if it’s dirty before company comes. If it’s OK, sometimes I vacuum after they leave. If the Queen was coming, I’d probably vacuum before. Prayers for Mom and Pop.

  8. Hurray! New carpet is IN! As for me… I currently have off-white carpet. Not particularly good for cats but roomie and I are hoping to have laminate flooring installed perhaps by the first of the new year. With four cats, vacuuming happens a lot.

  9. Hello Ellen B! I was so excited to see your new carpeting with all the vacuum marks, but more excited to see all the electrical outlets along your walls.

  10. I love the feel of new carpet. Yours looks lovely and I’ll bet your going to enjoy it. The vacuum lines made me smile. Reminded me of when I was a teen and had to vacuum as a chore. Mom also had carpet that showed the vacuum lines. Except after vacuuming with the beater bar we had to go over it in one direction with the floor brush because Mom hated the lines. As a teen, needless to say, I hated vacuuming. But I like it now. I’m definitely a before company vacuumer. And I vacuum several times a week. Have to with all the kids here everyday.

    Praying for your Mom and your family.

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