Almost Hare…

…I mean we’re almost there! Wednesday the carpeting is being installed! Woohoo. All the floors will be new in this old house at the end of the day except for our two bathrooms. I again will be a prisoner in my own home while the installers go in and out with the padding and carpeting.

In the meantime here’s a little visitor to my yard…


At least on this visit he/she decided to eat the clover instead of my pansy. Pretty sure this is a rabbit and not a hare. It was interesting to read up on the differences between the two.

I’m looking forward to my kitchen area being back to normal instead of being a storage area for our spare room mattress sets.

Chicken 010What do you think?

I was out and about on Tuesday and was amazed at the number of traffic accidents and melt downs there were on my routes. One of the accidents I was behind led to a 3 mile back up on the freeway. My main destination was Ikea. I always enjoy shopping there once I get there. We needed a new shelving unit to put in one of our spare rooms and a new TV stand. We didn’t want anything fancy or expensive so Ikea was a good choice. I’ll point out the items I bought when I post my before and after post.

We again are in a dry warm spell here in the Great Northwest. Perfect weather for our carpet installation since they’ll be doing the cutting out on our deck. Hope all is well in your neck of the woods…

About Ellen am a wife, mother, baba (grandmother) and a loyal friend. Jesus is my King and my hope is in my future with Him.

19 thoughts on “Almost Hare…

  1. I love Ikea! I can feel your frustration and am so glad you are almost done and ready to ENJOY all the hard work! I keep thinking of you and your family (in particular your mom). Hope you have time to breath and stop to smell the roses and enjoy the bunnies who don’t eat your pansies!

  2. Oh, hooray! You’ll be so pleased when the workmen have left and you can settle into your home again. I like Ikea, too, but it’s a long ways to go for us, with a ferry ride and all.

  3. Ellen B, your floors look amazing even as a storage place for spare mattresses. Maybe you should host a princess and a pea tea party since they’ve taken up residence in your dining area. Wouldn’t that be fun!
    Jim bob and I are headed up to your neck of the woods over the weekend and I was hoping for cooler weather…maybe the temps will drop by then :-).

    Cori g.

  4. I think you could begin a new trend for decor in homes. Forget beds, just throw out the mattress anywhere and make people feel at home. You will be so happy once this project is completed. I thought getting a new fridge was enough cleaning and running around.

  5. I don’t know, Ellen – you may be onto something, especially during canning marathons. You could rest between batches! Of course, you’d have to be okay with mattresses that smell like vinegar!

  6. Did you sleep on that bed?? Yes, from your reports, it does sound like you really really really need a Montenegro Day. If we were going to be in Cam this weekend I’d beg you to take a coffee stop as you are passing through. We’ll be farther south, by the border. Wave as you race by!

  7. Ellen, so glad you are close to the finish line. When I read your post title, I thought maybe you were comparing yourself to either the hare or the tortious in the race. I can’t wait to see your fresh, new rooms.. By the way, your kitchen looks clean in spite of it being a storage area. laurie

  8. Ahhh…a fresh new floor is really wonderful and you are almost there! Can’t wait to see everything put together and in living condition! You have a neat looking stack of mattresses!

  9. Hello dear Ellen,
    I have not been here in awhile so I caught up on your posts. Your family is an inspiration and such a tribute to your parents! Mom will be in my prayers. I have always enjoyed reading about them, so full of life and devoted to the Lord. Your renovation is a good distraction.
    Blessings to all of you!

  10. New flooring is so fun, but such a project because as you said, everything has to be moved out. It’ll be worth it though. I wish we had an IKEA here. I have to go to Vancouver BC or down to Seattle and make it an all day excursion.

  11. Oh, this brings back memories. When we were wallpapering our bedroom in our previous house, we had to move the bed into the living room. We slept in the living room for about a month!

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