Almost Hare…

…I mean we’re almost there! Wednesday the carpeting is being installed! Woohoo. All the floors will be new in this old house at the end of the day except for our two bathrooms. I again will be a prisoner in my own home while the installers go in and out with the padding and carpeting.

In the meantime here’s a little visitor to my yard…


At least on this visit he/she decided to eat the clover instead of my pansy. Pretty sure this is a rabbit and not a hare. It was interesting to read up on the differences between the two.

I’m looking forward to my kitchen area being back to normal instead of being a storage area for our spare room mattress sets.

Chicken 010What do you think?

I was out and about on Tuesday and was amazed at the number of traffic accidents and melt downs there were on my routes. One of the accidents I was behind led to a 3 mile back up on the freeway. My main destination was Ikea. I always enjoy shopping there once I get there. We needed a new shelving unit to put in one of our spare rooms and a new TV stand. We didn’t want anything fancy or expensive so Ikea was a good choice. I’ll point out the items I bought when I post my before and after post.

We again are in a dry warm spell here in the Great Northwest. Perfect weather for our carpet installation since they’ll be doing the cutting out on our deck. Hope all is well in your neck of the woods…

Multiplying Residents!

Oh dear, how many more of these are there hanging out nearby? This is the first time we’ve seen this one roaming our yard and the neighbors yards in the daylight. When our daughter was living with us before she married and moved to the east coast with her Marine her headlights would capture them as she drove into our drive at night. She also spotted bunny footprints once in the snow.

They are cute little pests. I tried yelling out at this one to “EAT THE DANDELIONS!”

Time will tell if they outgrow their tolerance here at this old house.

Dear is on vacation next week. Before he gets all tied up with completing the siding we are talking about an adventure. So far my brain isn’t coming up with something appropriate. I’m sure by Monday something will kick in. On Saturday we are participating in Community Serve Day. Several area churches team up with volunteers to spruce up our local elementary schools for the new year. We help teachers in their classrooms and clean up the outside areas of the school, too. I’m excited to be going to our kids elementary school. It’s been 20 or so years since I’ve been there. Dear will be pressure washing and I’ll be racking or scrubbing desk tops!

Any plans for your weekend?

Mosaic Monday ~ Holy Week is Here!


What does Holy Week have to do with bunnies, especially the stuffed variety? Not much but we are sorting out and Spring cleaning around here in a major way. That’s not particularly holy although it could be. So my daughter brought out all her stuffed animals and then put together all her bunnies for an Easter shot. Then she asked, “should I bring out the lambs, too?” My reply to her was “If you are still a Christian you should.” We like to concentrate on the Lamb of God at Easter time. :0) I hope you can appreciate my sense of humor…my daughter chuckled. We are very seriou about Jesus.  “Behold the Lamb of God who takes away the sins of the world”


This week we’ll be busy preparing for our Easter celebration. My sister Lana G! and I will be making Russian Easter Bread (Kulich) and a soft sweet cheese spread (Seerney Paska) to spread on the bread. My daughter Katie will color Easter Eggs. We love our traditions.

We’ll observe Good Friday. On Easter morning we’ll attend an Easter Service and greet each other with the Easter Greeting “Christ is Risen”…response “He is Risen Indeed”. My little bunnies are holding this greeting to grace our table. Any phone call we get on Easter Sunday will start with this greeting in Russian of course. Our Easter meal after church will have lamb for the main course with side dishes I haven’t decided on yet.

Hope you all have a blessed Holy Week.

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