Days and Moments Quickly Flying ~ Hymn

Days and Moments Quickly Flying

Days and moments quickly flying
Blend the living with the dead;
Soon our bodies will be lying
Each within its narrow bed.

Soon our souls to God who gave them
Will have sped their rapid flight:
Able now by grace to save them,
O that, while we can, we might!

Jesus, infinite Redeemer,
Maker of this mighty frame,
Teach, O teach us to remember
What we are, and whence we came.

Whence we came and whither wending,
Soon we must through darkness go,
To inherit bliss unending,
Or eternity of woe.

Jesus, merciful Redeemer,
Rouse dead souls to hear Thy voice;
Wake, O wake each idle dreamer
Now to make the eternal choice.

As a shadow, life is fleeting;
As a vapor so it flies;
For the old year now retreating
Pardon grant, and make us wise;

Wise that we our days may number,
Strive and wrestle with our sin,
Say not in our work, nor slumber
Till Thy glorious rest we win.

Soon before the Judge all glorious
We with all the dead shall stand:
Savior, over death victorious,
Place us then on Thy right hand.

Words: Edward Caswall, 1858.

About Ellen am a wife, mother, baba (grandmother) and a loyal friend. Jesus is my King and my hope is in my future with Him.

6 thoughts on “Days and Moments Quickly Flying ~ Hymn

  1. Another new one for me…funny when one considers how old it is. Profound thoughts and eternal truths…praying for you and your family as often as you come to mind.

  2. Beautiful! Those old songs have a certain quality that has been etched in our hearts! The photograph goes perfectly with the hymn! ps..I can see the writing now! I am so happy about finding a way around the problems of blogging!

  3. This is a new hymn to me as well but I can see why you chose it at this season in your life. May the words bring joy and comfort to you as you wait with your mom for that day when she journeys to “bliss unending”.

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