Mom & Pop 1950’s!


Love this very old photo of my mom and pop. This was taken at Knott’s Berry Farm in Southern California in the 50’s. Have any of my bloggy friends been to Knott’s Berry Farm?  I have very fond memories of the farm/amusement park. The Chicken restaurant at Knott’s was probably the first restaurant I ever ate at until I was in Junior High or High School. Chicken and boysenberry pie for dessert. My family did not eat out at restaurants. We would have take out pizza from Johnny’s once in a while and that was the only time we also would have pop.

Back to the Future: Friday was a frustrating day for the flooring people and for us. Some things were overlooked when the flooring was laid and they had to tear out a section and redo the prep work and install the boards again. Fixing takes so much more time then doing it right the first time. Of course we had vacuumed all the walls, ceiling, etc. etc. after the first go around and now we had to do it again. In the long run we will be happy and we would recommend the flooring people again but not the prep guy!

Happy Weekend everyone!

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14 thoughts on “Mom & Pop 1950’s!

  1. Boysenberry jam, biscuits and chicken at Knotts Berry farm still rates as one if the most delicious meals I ever ate!
    As a parent I loved KBF, even more than Disneyland. It was quite satisfying to me to ask my children if they wanted to go to Disneyland or KBF and have them chose KBF!
    The absolute kicker: our son’s fifth grade written tall tale about the Donner Pass Party was selected by KBF to be made into a stage play there! When a letter arrived stating that fact I thought it was a gimmick. It wasn’t! We saw the play and Jeff was featured in a KBF parade. I love KBF.

  2. Knotts Berry Farm was a favorite for our family, too. We ate Christmas dinner there in 1959. The props used for taking pictures were a lot of fun! Do you remember the house that was difficult to stand up in? It was built crooked. Your parents picture is a fun reminder of days gone by.

  3. Now that is easy to see why it’s a favorite! It’s so interesting to see people we’ve always “known” as older as young people. I must say that your parents are just the cutest and, apparently, always have been!

    Oh no. How discouraging to have a prep guy not do the work properly. It causes such headaches all around. Glad it’s in the past now.

  4. What a great picture Ellen!! Love that you refer to them as Mom and Pop – that’s how my mom referred to her parents – love it!
    Hope the rest of your flooring goes well…….I hear your frustration!

  5. The photo is so sweet! Lovely memories. Like you, we never ate at a restaurants when I was growing up. I remember that an uncle from away once arrived with take-out chicken – what a treat that was!
    I hope the rest of your flooring work goes without a hitch.

  6. What a treasure this picture is! So cute. We didn’t ever eat out either, and even after our children were born, we didn’t eat out a lot. Our children used to say it wasn’t fair that all of their friends got to go out and eat at McDonald’s or KFC every night, and they had to eat what I cooked. when their friends came over, their friends would talk about how great it was that their mother cooked for them. I’m so sorry about the flooring frustrations. Having work done is frustrating enough without it having to be redone! laurie

  7. Yes, I’ve been to Knott’s. First time was in 1971. Second time was a couple of years ago on Veteran’s Day when military personnel and veterans get in FREE!
    Sorry for the mess in the floor. Hope it’s all OK now.
    CUTE photo of your parents!

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