named after Augustus.

Here’s what’s happening or can be seen around this old house in the beginning of August…


hydrangea 003

hydrangea 004

hydrangea 007

Floors again 002

This rug used to be in our living room hiding as much of the old worn carpeting we had in that room. Now that we are replacing the carpeting in the living room this area rug will not work in there. We were happy to see that it would work nicely in the eating area of our kitchen. The dining table will sit on top of it with room for the chairs, too. Until the carpeting is installed we will have to stack all our mattresses here, not the table that is living out in the garage right now. Fun times. Just to show you the reality of it all this last photo is the living room with the mattresses. This weekend we’ll move those mattresses to the kitchen…

Floors again 019

I actually am cooking this afternoon trying a new recipe for chicken thighs. I hope to share it in the near future. My apple tree is shedding it’s apples so maybe I should cook up some apple recipes in my kitchen. That won’t be happening until after the mattresses can move back to their own rooms…
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15 thoughts on “August…

  1. Traveling mattresses:) Soon they will again be in the bedroom…with clean sheets:) Love the new flooring..and isn’t it nice that you can still use that area rug. So glad you are beginning to see what it will look like when complete. The house must be smelling quite nice by now with those chicken thighs and apple something:)

  2. That rug is gorgeous!! Glad to see you still have your blogging nook set up 🙂 Your flowers are stunning Ellen. Your “old” house is starting to look brand new.

    • Yes, and yes, Vee. Although our son Josh popped in on Sunday to help his dad do some of the moving. I just sat and watched them and kept saying….bless you!

  3. Oh how I love Hydrangeas, and your mosaic and photos of them are gorgeous. All of your flowers look beautiful, and I love the metal pieces on your house. That floor looks so pretty. There is light at the end of the tunnel. laurie

  4. My, I do wish we had such a deep purple hydrangea around here, it is beautiful. I am in awe of all the work you guys are doing yourselves. Around here taking up the old flooring and moving furniture is part of the price of the flooring. Seems like you’re closer to the end than the beginning. I thought of you yesterday. There was some big all star soccer game here in Kansas City. They said there were thousands of people from all over the world here. I guess people were very surprised by what a big deal soccer is around here. Kids soccer leagues are everywhere…very popular sport.

  5. Are your shed apples ripe? Ours are falling and have not even blushed yet. Hot weather is the culprit? Who knows.

    It (the house) WILL come back together!

  6. So much work, Ellen, but you will be enjoying this beautiful new wood floor for years to come! My son and DIL had the same hickory floor in their Denver home –it was very durable and always looked beautiful! Have a good weekend!

  7. Oh, that new flooring is very striking. I’m sure you will all be so relieved to have this gigantic project over with and can relax and enjoy.

    Those hydrangeas are really something — that grapey color is amazing!

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