Singing in Garden #3

When we arrived to the 3rd garden we were greeted with a musician singing songs that came easy to sing along with.


This garden also had many separate areas and paths leading here and there. There were many large yard art pieces, too.













Wednesday was a very productive day for me. I was able to clear out a lot of spaces that will be re-carpeted soon. I went up and down our attic stairs many times and also downstairs to the basement where we are storing a lot of stuff since those floors will not be replaced.  My back is letting me know that I’ve done enough for a while. So happy our high school hire is mowing the lawn for me as I type and sit still. This weekend Dear is planning to replace our patio french doors.

10 thoughts on “Singing in Garden #3

  1. Another wonderful garden! Especially the flowers. Ha!

    Ohhh, I am not a fan of Upstairs Downstairs! Hope that your back feels much better once you’ve rested. What a lot of changes coming your way! It’ll be fun to see the before and afters.

  2. Lovely flowers and greens! Yikes you deserve a good rest with your feet up. I’m sure you’ll love it when the reno is all done but boy what a lot of work until then.

  3. What a nice place to find musicians. I would of just sat there on a stump all day.
    Your work projects are being ticked off…while you walk through the gardens.

  4. Your renovation work is greatly admired and the hard work understood and appreciated!
    Looking forward to the final photos; I suppose that will pretty much do it for inside. Next is the oh so rewarding gardening if you choose. Has the garden tour hatched a yearning for more garden design work at your place?

    • Jill, Next on the inside list for next year is to redo our bathrooms and get new kitchen counters. The year after if we survive will be putting in a cement driveway…

  5. Another beauty! This would be such a fun way to spend a day or two…just visiting fabulously cultivated garden spaces!

    You got a high school hire, huh? I’m considering that. I have so much to be done around here, but my shoulders and back aren’t up to the task. I may go that route. Our home association has a list of students for hire on the web site, so I think I’ll check it out. Thanks for putting that bug in my eye! 🙂

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