This One’s For the Dogs…

The last garden we visited was our other favorite of the day even though I was skeptical since it was “all about the dogs”. I was happy to see that they had areas that humans could really enjoy, too.








This first section of the garden that all of the photos above were from seem to be the area that the dogs don’t freely roam in. The next sections of the garden had some well thought out spaces that were dog and plant friendly.


I thought this was a smart way to contain these plants in a dog friendly space.





A trio of flutists were entertaining us at this garden.



Two of our children will probably end up with pets of their own in the near future. Dear and I choose not to add them to our own home. The only pets we grew up with were parakeets and pigeons. Dear’s parakeet was named Pancho. His brother’s parakeet was named Pepino. I had a pet pigeon named Green Neck. Maybe the fact that my family had a period of time where our pet pigeons had to be sacrificed for soup that I am not fond of owning my own pet but I can appreciate other people’s pets. By the way, when us kids figured out that my parents sacrificed our pigeons for the soup we would not eat that soup in protest. We grew up with the philosophy that we have dominion over creation.

How about you…do you include pets in your household?

This is the last post from our Secret Garden Tour.

Oh no, google reader quit before I transferred all my blog links. I’m going to have to do some search and rescue this weekend. Oye…

About Ellenhttp://I am a wife, mother, baba (grandmother) and a loyal friend. Jesus is my King and my hope is in my future with Him.

7 thoughts on “This One’s For the Dogs…

  1. Dear Ellen – I have enjoyed walking down these beautiful and inspiring garden paths with you! I’m a little late here but have been overwhelmed since returning home and landing with my feet running – whew! Glad to hear that you’re ready for your renovations and hope your back is O.K. Have a wonderful weekend…..

  2. The sweet peas in the trash cans! Brilliant! Gardening with dogs can be challenging. This gardener was so clever to figure out a way to have doggie garden space. Her fire hydrant made me laugh.
    Grand pets are wonderful thing. Seems like they wind up being the subject of fun conversations in the family.

  3. I thought you said the dogs had made those hydrangeas that shade of blue… had to read it again! Your pigeon story reminds me of my brother’s rabbit story. You can guess.

  4. What a delightful secret garden !! the creative thought and work that went into this garden is amazing … I LOVE it !! Your photos captured it well !
    I grew up on a little farm .. we grew our own beef/pork/chicken — but we had a rule — we NEVER ate anything that was named !

  5. I am so loving the sweet peas in the metal cans. That would be awesome for me as I have no flower beds. No sure how our furball would take to a whole bunch of spaces he couldn’t go into.

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