Secret Garden Tour

In mid June my sister and I went on a Secret Garden Tour in the town of Lake Forest Park in Washington State. The gardens were numbered on a map for a self guided tour. We chose to start with garden #5 and work our way down to #1 hoping to have the least crowds at each garden.




IMGP0367We were curious and making guesses as to what this little cottage at the end of the path might be. What a lovely surprise to look inside.


There was a little loft with a bed in it, too, that I didn’t get a photo of. It would be nice to retreat here for a quiet get-away. This next photo is the view of the main house from the little cottage.



I caught Lana photographing the same thing I was through the looking glass. There were fun quirky things in a lot of the gardens we visited.

IMGP0381 IMGP0383

This was one of our favorite gardens out of the five. It was so surprising to find this lush setting coming around to the back of the home.

I’ll share more of the different types of gardens we strolled through over the course of the week.

Dear has done a lot more clearing out in this old house to get ready for the floors. All the carpeting is torn out of the family room now. This coming weekend he’ll install our new patio door. We’re loading up the living room with furniture from the family room and kitchen area so he can remove the vinyl flooring soon. My living room looks like a furniture store.  I’m going to look on the bright side. I will not need to vacuum or dust till all of this is over. We’ve moved from bright sunshine to dreary skies and rain. Hoping for some good weather on the weekend since the door will be removed. What’s new with you?

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12 thoughts on “Secret Garden Tour

  1. What a great garden to tour. Love the little hideaway! And the chicken sign. I hope the renovations go well, as you’ve said, no point in cleaning much until it’s over.

  2. Oh I laughed over the dream…me, too! Had to pin it. So funny!!

    What a beautiful garden tour and that you took it with your sister makes it all the better.

  3. Garden tours make me happy, happy, happy! Getting out of a house in chaos due to upcoming improvements: Priceless and sanity saving.
    Looking forward to seeing the rest of the gardens later.

  4. What beautiful lush, green gardens! I am getting used to seeing a more sparse and dry desert type garden here in Colorado, and I have to admit I miss all that greenery! The chicken poster made me chuckle! What a sweet hide away!

  5. I enjoyed your tour! And the chicken sign is so fun! With 68 items on my summer to-do list, and a novel in the works, I need to take advantage of any virtual fun I can! LOL

  6. Ellen, I have had so much fun reading all 3 of your garden tour posts. What great gardens. Each of them had so many unique ideas and so many gorgeous blooms. Your photos are wonderful. And oh, how I love that little cottage in this tour. laurie

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