More Questions Than Answers…

What’s behind door number 12?

Aren’t you curious to know what lies behind doors like these?

Sometimes in life there are events that cause many questions and few answers. For many of us it’s hard not to have the answer to a problem. At times like these we have to exhibit the faith and trust we are called to. When an answer comes it might not be an easy one to live with but again we live by faith not by sight. I’m a tap your foot kind of person who wants to know what to do and just do it. I’m learning sometimes better than other times to just be still and know that God is sovereign and does things as He wills. As I read the Bible and recall my own history I’m amazed again that the God of the universe was always there and is still here doing what He will for His ultimate purpose. He has never left us or forsaken us no matter how hard or good our situations have been.

So the theme of this post is I don’t understand everything but I’m learning to love the one who knows and holds me and sends me off to do what He wants me to do.

I’m posting random shots today that cause me to wonder and to marvel and have no clear theme. This whole post has no clear theme.

St. Giorgios Parish Church in Varenna, Italay. A small basilica with a nave and 2 aisles, consecrated in 1313. 14th and 15th century frescoes and polyptychs (paintings divided in sections or panels)  in the church were painted by Como based artists. I’m amazed these have been preserved over the years. That’s a lot of years…

Now come with me down another rabbit trail closer to home. It’s time for me to get my Red, White and Blue bin down from the attic. We are moving into the Patriotic season at this old house with Memorial Day Weekend, Flag Day, and the 4th of July coming soon.

The little twist to these events is the fact that we are waiting for the scheduling of our next big project at this old house. We are finally going to start on the floors that needed replacing when we moved in over 12 years ago. We’ve chosen the materials for the first phase of the project. Adding wood floors where vinyl and carpet exist and lots of furniture exists is a mind boggling task. Where do we put everything while the floors are being done? OYE! The second phase will be replacing carpeting (which we haven’t chosen) in the 3 bedrooms, the living room, and stairs which again will mean moving all the furniture around or out. Double Oye!

Thank you for making it through my deep and not so deep thoughts. That’s life isn’t it? The random and mundane along with the amazing and mind boggling events that swirl around us.

What’s swirling around your head or place?

About Ellen am a wife, mother, baba (grandmother) and a loyal friend. Jesus is my King and my hope is in my future with Him.

13 thoughts on “More Questions Than Answers…

  1. I LOVE door and window images. My Pinterest page has a big doors and windows board. They are so fascinating and pretty. Your window picture is amazing with the inside image. I cant’ tell if that is a shadow image or another window with light coming through. My favorite pictures are long trails, roads or paths leading off to ?????. I wonder what is at the end of the trail or where the road might lead. I love to imagine wonders!

    I just got an answer last night that I’ve waited 30 years for. God had His reasons, but I am a foot stomper….like, “God, I’m ready NOW, lets do this, whatever it takes, how ever hard it is lets just get on with it”. LOL. But I am getting more settled into the fact that life is not about avoiding or being rescued. It is about going with His flow and asking Him where He is in the midst of a trial or a mess….then allowing Him to have His way, instead of wanting to be rescued instantly like a spoiled princess. Oh the purposes He has, in peeling away our humanity and redeeming the ME He created me to be. I’m writing out my life story as a testimony to family to come. Its so encouraging to look back over my life and put all sorts of pieces together, although there is MUCH I still don’t get. It is increasing my faith and the knowledge of the height of His love for me. I also think its going to be good for family to come to know what God has done for them before they were even born because of the change He made in drawing me to know Him. I am seeing how I resisted so much, stomped my foot and WANTED answers when I should have just been quiet and walked with Him, dying to my humanity and seeing what wonders He would do in and through me.

    I keep forgetting its a holiday weekend. We had such horrible storms this last week and the afternoon of the white out rain storm we had a wet basement. Fortunately it was the unfinished side, but we are probably going to spend our weekend creating a new berm around that part of the house and sift through the rocks that fill the giant window well where the water and silt came in. We live on a down hill slope and we thought we had fixed all the water issues but this weeks storms were bad. So I think our weekend will be outside digging dirt, moving rocks and creating a new path for the water to run AWAY from our house. Hope you have a fun weekend!

  2. I thought it had a very clear theme, Ellen. God is in control! I tend to also be a toe-tapping, watch-tapping kind of person.

    Well, I certainly do understand the “oye” of new floors when a room is filled with furniture, etc. It’s the reason I am putting up with deplorable floors because I don’t even want to think about it.

  3. Theme? Even if we don’t know what’s in store for us behind the doors, God does and has for many many years! (from all eternity, really)
    What’s in my brain? others than finishing my grading? Mostly the mundane like how to thwart the deer. Part of me is deep into realizing how BIG God is (BIG seems like a trite description for His magnificence!)

  4. Abraham, Issac, Jacob and Joseph did a lot of waiting. In their lives lays an answer. (I wish I could see what I am writing!)
    If there are missed words, do forgive me! 🙂 Life is and is to come. You are on the right path so don’t worry. 🙂
    You have a lot of work ahead in your home and when it is done it will be lovely!

  5. I love your post, Ellen! I always love hearing about the swirlings going on at your end. Can’t wait to see the before and after pictures of your floors — you will show those pictures, right?

  6. I totally agree with you that life holds more questions than answers, and yes, as you’ve suggested, that’s where faith comes in. Thanks for this inspiring post and wonderful photos.

  7. Dear Ellen – such “swirlings” going on at your end. I think the older I get the more questions I have and fewer are the answers. There is so much tragedy and bad news these days it’s hard to keep a positive attitude. Thankfully, our Lord and Saviour is in control – we have to believe that! I know how overwhelming renovations are and especially flooring when not only the furniture but all the contents there in need moving! Don’t get discouraged Ellen – if I could I would come and help you!! I know someone who rented a trailer to store the furniture, and then they went away on vacation while the floors were being done – good idea eh?

  8. Lots of questions…and not so many answers. But we know who holds the future…and that is enough.

    Have fun trying to organize your reno’s around your comings and goings! I know you will be happy when it is all done.

  9. Laughing at your new project and where to put stuff while it happens. We are refinishing our deck (third time in five years, behr stain is worthless…trying a new brand). So where does all the deck stuff go while this happens? Everywhere!
    Know what you mean about trusting in times when it seems like all is headed south.

  10. My son is spending the week at a villa in Florence this week with his job. Can’t wait to see his pictures.

  11. Love the pictures and how just looking at them can cause one to start pondering different things. Sounds like there is lots going on your way. Can’t wait to see those pics I know you’ll be posting

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