Mind the Gap…

There was a gap today between cloudy spitting weather and more cloudy spitting skies. When the beautiful gap of sunshine appeared I was still in my robe and slippers but decided to head out to get some new photos of our May yard. If my neighbors had blogs they would have some fun posts catching me outside in my indoor garb!

I really like this variety of pink azalea. I couldn’t tell you what the variety is but it’s buds and blooms are sweet.

After our Bible Study last night I turned on the T.V. before going to bed to some news that made the title of this post just a wee bit prophetic. A bridge that is part of our Interstate 5 between me and Canada had a section collapse. As Judy in her comment says I’ll have to mind that Gap as I travel to Canada early in June. 70,000 travelers a day will have to mind that gap.

This is a photo from google images. This is the road I’ve driven on time and time again to go to the northern part of our state or to head to the Canadian border. This is going to slow down lots of travelers who will be re-routed to other roads to get north or south. We are all so thankful the people in the cars that plunged into the very cold Skagit River were rescued in a timely manner and were not seriously hurt.

And to the more mundane…Friday I have 2 appointments in the morning and then Dear and I will start enjoying our 3 day weekend with him hopefully getting off early from work. We are going to stick close to home this weekend. How about you? Are you traveling or staying home?

About Ellenhttps://happywonderer.com/I am a wife, mother, baba (grandmother) and a loyal friend. Jesus is my King and my hope is in my future with Him.

13 thoughts on “Mind the Gap…

  1. Gosh, I wish our azaleas would grow that big! I think the harsh winters here must be what keeps them at bay. I have a dark pink azalea bush near the (north facing) front porch that I just love, but it won’t grow. I am considering having it uprooted and moved to another location where it can get a bit more sun throughout the day.

    The color here is gorgeous! The photos look particularly neat because of the water droplets!

    We’re staying in town (big surprise!) this weekend. My son and his girlfriend are traveling to Dallas to visit a friend, so I’ll be on pins & needles until they get back home safe. I am shocked that YOU will actually be at home!!!!! 🙂 Enjoy your weekend!!!

  2. I thought ‘mind the gap’ would be a warning to everyone to beware of the missing bridge over the Skagit River not too far from your place. There will be a lot of people re-thinking the route of their commute this morning. What a miracle that no one lost their life in that disaster!

    Beautiful blooms, Ellen. Enjoy your long weekend!

  3. This bridge is such a reminder of the things we never worry about and how God takes care of us when we are unaware. May we trust HIm for the things we are aware of. I wonder how long it will be out of commission?

  4. Rejoicing no lives were lost. Grant peace to those who did take a dip in that cold water. What a scary thing to have experienced. I didn’t have time to read beyond the headline when I saw this news, so very happy to hear of lives spared. Our state is supposedly one of the worst in the country on bridge repairs because they are so costly. 70,000 a day is a lot of people for quite a stretch while rebuilding happens.

    Your azalea is beautiful. Catching the rain drops is an added bonus. I don’t think my soil is the right kind for mine to be happy. I think I need to add something. It has not grown in 5 years and fewer blooms each year….not so productive. 🙂

  5. Your azaleas are so very pretty. Love that shade of pink. We heard the news about the bridge late last night, too. So glad no one was injured. Enjoy your long weekend. We had ours last weekend and stayed close to home.

  6. I’m certainly glad that I made my trip down to your neck of the woods last week!
    Your azalea is just lovely – that pink is what pink is supposed to be!

  7. That azalea really is apsolutely gorgeous! How did you coax that bee to sit still for a photo op?
    I’m sorry your bridge collapse will inconvenience you but I am happy that no one was seriously injured !

  8. The first people I thought of were you and your family and my niece and hers since they live in Bellingham. So thankful no one was killed.
    Yes that pink azalea is gorgeous!

  9. I heard about the gap first from Lovella. Very glad I am that none I know who use the bridge were on it at the time a d sorry to know what travel problem will result. Hopefully, they’ll have it fixed and better than ever before too long. Sounds as if both sides of the country are soggy and cool.

  10. It’s funny how we calculate gaps. You count the gaps of sunshine, we count the gaps of cool overcast days 😉 Glad you weren’t on that bridge when it collapsed!

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