Moore, Oklahoma

Praying for the families who have lost loved ones in the latest devastating tornado in Oklahoma. Praying, too, for all those working tirelessly to uncover victims. I cannot imagine what those in the path of this tornado have gone through and continue to go through.
May God comfort and provide for all who have lived through this.

About Ellen am a wife, mother, baba (grandmother) and a loyal friend. Jesus is my King and my hope is in my future with Him.

14 thoughts on “Moore, Oklahoma

  1. I’ve stood on porches and driveways and watched them. I’ve hid in the basement under the stairs so many times praying that once again “it” will miss us. I’ve always been included in the “missed us” category. Its almost more than my heart can handle this time….I think because of the children. They have said there was actually a 15 minute warning of this giant possibly coming. To know what its like to wait, to “hear it” roar…..I can imagine the emotions of those children. We were on the north end of this two state long stream of a storm. Twice yesterday I waited home alone with my sweet Molly praying the spin would never erupt in the line of storms and hit us. To feel so out of control and then the chaos of being unable to communicate with family. I kept texting….I just NEEDED to connect. I lived through one that was headed right for one of our children and we couldn’t get through on the phones. I know those emotions. I think because of so many children being affected this time …this one was too close to my heart….having trouble sleeping, I know some of their emotions. Too much for our humanity to bear without You. Dear God direct help those trapped. Reunite families, comfort and organize those helping, watching over to keep them from harm in all the rubble, strengthen them for what they will find. God of mercy, be all these people need tonight.

  2. We were just listening to the news of the tornado . . . indescribable loss and pain! Our prayers are for those who are going through this, that many be saved and know true human as well as sovereign love and care poured out on them. Will be praying as I remember them. I cannot imagine such devastation.

  3. Praying that that vast weather system will dissipate. To think of another day like yesterday is overwhelming.

  4. So very sad! Joining in prayer for all those whose families are devastated today. May God carry them through this incredible tragedy….and wrap them in His love and comfort…and give them strength.

  5. How horrible for all those affected by this terrible storm I was particularly moved by (commentor) Pam’s first hand experiences and the description of how it affects her emotional well being. My prayers are with those whose lives have been uprooted and I pray too for all of you, like Pam, who have experienced the fearful anticipation of the storms, the relief when the storm passes you and the emotional rollercoaster that results when you hear the devastation that others are facing.

  6. It seems like we just can’t get enough of bad news these days whether it’s caused by natural forces or human hands. Thanks for urging us to keep all in our thoughts.

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