Catching Up…

Saturday was a great day of catching up and getting things done. We started the day hoisting our U.S. and Marine Flags in honor of Armed Forces Day here in the states.

Right after raising the flags we jumped in the car to head to Cabella’s for Dear to find some good walking shoes. We were there when it opened and back on the road for home by 10 a.m. We switched vehicles and headed to the Home Depot for some shrubs. We wanted to add some privacy to our patio area that the shrubs should provide. After some clean up work in the shop we got ready to meet Josh and Laura downtown for a bite to eat before the Seattle Sounders game against Dallas.

This was our postponed celebration of Mother’s Day. We cancelled Mother’s day celebrations last weekend because of a soccer injury Josh got that grounded him with pain and because Laura had an overtime week of work, events and care for Josh. We had a great time catching up over some small bites. Even though we didn’t get together last Sunday I was treated royally with flowers from all three of my kids.

There were 3 sweet little birds tucked into this floral arrangement because of the 3 babies that gave me the title of Mom.

After eating Dear headed home and I joined Josh and Laura to head to the stadium. Josh is still suffering from deep tissue and bone bruising in his lower leg from his injury so we walked slowly to our seats. There were some special pre-game festivities to honor all branches of the Military for Armed Forces Day. The Sounders club is great in honoring our military and our country.

Of course it’s pretty evident that I’m a wee bit partial to one particular branch of the military.

The Marines!

I’m happy to report the evening ended beautifully with a huge win for the Sounders over Dallas. It’s fun when your team wins.

Sunday is quiet compared to our Saturday. We had a challenging church service. We are in a series called The Big Picture. Today we talked about God’s Mission. We were challenged to open our mouth, to have the courage to use words in sharing what Christ has done for us and the saving grace he offers all. Lord, open my heart, open a door and open my mouth.

For our friends to the North a very happy Victoria Day to you! For all of you I hope you have a very good week ending with our long Memorial Weekend here in the States.  As you flit away here’s one more little birdie to see you off…

Bye Bye Birdie!

About Ellen am a wife, mother, baba (grandmother) and a loyal friend. Jesus is my King and my hope is in my future with Him.

8 thoughts on “Catching Up…

  1. Delightful doings and receiving! I am impressed by the thoughtful inclusion of three birds…even though I suspect you heart “mothers” five now. And there is room for another daughter too I imagine, should God bring one into your other son’s life.
    Fun to think that God may not be done with growing your family!

  2. I LOVE your header, such a beautiful setting! I am still loving looking through the cookbook. There is so much beauty and life spoken beyond the wonderful recipes. Giving testimony increases our faith and the identity that some find in our stories increases their hope. I am writing a book about my life, what God has done in me. He told me to testify to my family yet to come what God has done for them, even before they were born. The freedom He has given me has changed the course of family to come for generations. Its so amazing to look back and relive your life through His eyes. I can’t imagine a single person who could not write out their life story and not stir their own faith in remembrances and lift others heads to our Father…power in testimony! Hope you have a beautiful week of blessings, beauty and joy!

  3. Loving that header, Ellen!

    You really lead a full and fulfilling life. I think of you as the poster child for “Get ‘er Done!” 🙂

    I’m glad you had such an enjoyable Mother’s Day celebration, and the flowers from all 3 kids are just gorgeous! The little birds….gave me goose bumps!

    Always so impressive and spine-tingling to see our members of the armed forces out there presenting the colors. I get a little choked up every time. Oorah!

  4. Oh Ellen, your header! This view of that table and the outdoor setting is breath taking! I had to pin it. Love your flowers from your children are beautiful. That arrangement with the little birds is just so sweet. laurie

  5. Sounds like a great weekend. I recognize that header also…I wonder why. You sure know how to make creative tablescapes. You have inspired me.

  6. So glad to hear you had a lovely weekend! I love the birdy floral arrangement – so sweet. I might have to borrow that idea to make a silk floral arrangement with Miss Baby for our summer craft.

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