On Top of Old Duomo…

…all covered with marble.

For 7 euros you can climb to the roof of the Duomo. For 12 euros you can ride an elevator up. I believe there were just over 200 steps total to get to the roof.

On a clear day you can see as far as the Alps and Apennines.

Dear was intrigued with the design of this building that we could see from the rooftop of the Duomo.

The Duomo is decorated with an amazing number of beautifully sculpted statues and spires. There are more statues on this building than any other in the world, 3159 in total. 2245 Of these are on the exterior together with 96 gargoyles and 135 spires.

The most famous of all these statues on the Duomo is the Madonnina (Little Madonna), a copper statue of the virgin Mary covered with 3900 pieces of gold leaf. It was cast in 1774 by goldsmith Giuseppe Bini and sculptor Giuseppe Perego. The statue, almost 14 feet high, was placed on top of the cathedral’s tallest spire and until 1959 marked the highest point in the city at 108.5 meter.

As with many old structures like this there are ongoing restoration projects. You can see the scaffolding surrounding the spire of the gold statue.

The views of all the architecture from the roof was worth the trip up those stairs. This post is a photo overload but after all the effort to get to the top I didn’t want to stop clicking away.

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19 thoughts on “On Top of Old Duomo…

  1. All so interesting. I was fascinated at looking at the buttresses from that angle having never had the opportunity before. (I know that I would have paid the extra Euros to get to the top, though. ;> ) I am also thinking how provocatively draped the Little Madonna is…interesting..and so very Italian, I’m supposing.

  2. After climbing all those steps, I’m surprised you had the strength to snap ANY photos!!! 🙂 Wow! That’s a lot of steps! TOTALLY worth it, as you pointed out, to get shots like this. Goodness…SO pretty! I think I might have just been overcome with emotion at the thought of being surrounded with all this history and splendor!

  3. Well you didn’t overload me. This building just astounds me, the details…the little bird. I read that it took 6 centuries to complete. Oh how cool it would be to see pictures of the building sight and the in progress over all those years. I also love how the color of the building changed with the lighting and angles. Great pictures….thanks for climbing and sharing with the rest of us. I’m in awe.

  4. Such an amazing place, Ellen, and what a view. I am intrigued by those specially designed screens that they have fit in among the stone carvings, and I love that little bird carving.

  5. Incredible! I loved the photos. I always think about the hours and days and months and years and the many, many people who put their hearts and hands into “building for the Lord.” I wonder how many people who built ever saw the finished cathedral? I love the little bird. His eye is on the sparrow.

  6. Isn’t it incredible!? I have similar shots of scaffolding, taken in 1983 – thirty years and still repairing and restoring. I guess it’s never-ending.

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