Within the Duomo

With a cathedral as old and magnificent as this one the history connected is too much to share in a blog post. One of the interesting side notes we heard is that the sanctuary was designed to be able to hold 40,000 parishioners at one time. It is the largest Gothic cathedral and the second largest Catholic cathedral in the world.

The inside of Milan’s Cathedral is expansive but rather dark. There are five large naves divided by 52 pillars – one for each week of the year – that support the cross vaulted ceiling.

We arrived too late to the Duomo to investigate the Crypt and Treasury.

How are your plans for Easter shaping up? Although I’m feeling better I’m still not at a productive state.  I’ll be taking it easy for a few more days.

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16 thoughts on “Within the Duomo

  1. i cannot imagine how they built something like this, especially so many years ago! I wonder how long it took? Simply magnificent work! Somehow the word “simply:” does not even sound right here.Nothing butthe best . . . was that the idea to build a cathedral for God, I wonder?

  2. Anneliese, I think Ellen said it was started in the 1300’s and took nearly 6 centuries to complete.
    The stained glass windows are stunning with such vivid colours. What a magnificent building.

  3. Ellen! Beautiful!!! Honestly, I was hestitant to stop by because I know you will be posting your Italy pictures this week, and I will be on your blog for hours studying the details. But I coudn’t stay away….

    Oh…. that floor pictures scream “quilt pattern” to me! I think I will have to study that further to see if I could design an applique quilt around those motifs.

    I am sorry my cold went to you — I am still not 100%, so I know how you feel. Do rest up and feel better soon. Hugs.

  4. wow…beautiful! But I can’t imagine going to church in something so massive! Glad you are taking care of yourself…rest is so important to getting well!

  5. That is amazing to see. It is difficult to imagine a church that can seat 40,000 people. So sorry that you’ve been under the weather. Somehow I missed that piece of information. Will look back. Saying a prayer for a speedy recovery.

  6. Now I’m going to need to research the history of this AMAZING cathedral. It is absolutely stunning. I had no idea there was something so large. I think it would be wandering in there for so long….so much to take in.

  7. I’m sorry you’re still not feeling 100%. I’m hoping you are totally back in the pink by the weekend so that you can enjoy the Easter holiday with your loving family. When I look at these photos, I instantly feel like I should be whispering or bowing my head or something. They just have such a regal and holy look!!! My goodness…I can’t imagine 40,000 people all in one house of worship! That would be a sight to behold! The tables with the lit candles are beautiful! Feel better, dear one!

  8. What a beautiful place! It completely rivals St. Peter’s in Rome. I remember being mesmerized by the floor mosaics in all the churches I visited in Rome, to say nothing of the windows and sculptures and spires.

  9. I get the feeling one could study every detail of the Cathedral 8 hrs a day and barely scratch the surface in a decade. Beautiful photography!

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