Postcard # 5 ~ La Scala

La Scala is a world renowned opera house in Milan. The theatre was inaugurated on August 3, 1778. We weren’t allowed to take photos inside the auditorium where all the cool box seats are located. We were able to take photos in this adjacent hall with these beautiful Murano glass chandeliers. I’m pretty sure the tour guide said these were Murano glass. She was speaking German and English and sometimes it was hard to follow.

It snowed on Monday morning in Milan. The snow stayed on the tops of the cars but quickly turned to rain. I’m staying in today and will venture out tomorrow in what should be better weather for our last bit of sight seeing. We leave Milan very early in the morning on Wednesday.

7 thoughts on “Postcard # 5 ~ La Scala

  1. Oooooooohhhhh!!!! Those chandeliers are absolutely beautiful! Can you imagine being the unlucky guy given the task to clean those bad boys??!?!?! Not only would it take forever, but I’d be shaking like a leaf in fear of breaking something the whole time!!! 🙂 Beautiful! I hope the rain lets up so that you can get out before anticipated. Have a good last day of sightseeing!!!

  2. Strange to think of it snowing in Milan. I mean, it’s snowing here, but this is New England after all. Beautiful chandeliers…wish they’d have allowed pictures inside. I’m sure that it was something wonderful to see! Hope that the weather improves so that you can get out and about to see the sights.

  3. How exquisite! Hope you were able to at least get some postcard pictures. Enjoy your last day there and I hope the weather is better too. Safe travels home tomorrow!

  4. Have enjoyed your Italian posts. These are amazing photos … La Scala, only heard but now seeing at least the grandiose chandeliers. Snow in Milan, in March?

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