An Interlude…

…from my postcards. Because it snowed this morning in Milan and the weather is overall cold and wet I have some spare time on my hands today and decided I’d go back to sunny Southern California and continue on my posts from my niece Debbee’s shower. Later today a postcard will pop up from the opera house so I thought my interlude title for this post was appropriate.

The shower decor…

My niece Michelle hand made these cute little jar candles for each guest to take home.

Fresh flowers from the L.A. Flower market that my niece Melissa arranged in several different containers.

The gift table…

Niece Jessica made the shower cloud with rain drops…

Michelle or Melissa or both of them made this ribbon banner.

The main ideas for the shower were from Michelle and Melissa and they called on family and friends to gather up the items needed to pull it off. Many hands contributed to putting the ideas into the final result. Working together with my family is always a fun time. Thank you Michelle for opening your home to us for this special event.

2 more days in Milan and then we make the long trip home. Hope y’all are doing well…

About Ellen am a wife, mother, baba (grandmother) and a loyal friend. Jesus is my King and my hope is in my future with Him.

11 thoughts on “An Interlude…

  1. A very creative family because that looks like a wonderful shower with so many ideas! I love the shower cloud and raindrops, but most of all, I love the fabrics sailing across the table creating a canopy of sorts. I’m wondering if I could make that work in my yard when I want to entertain and the sun is beating down hot.

  2. So many lovely details. I’m almost warm looking at these pictures…almost. Hope your weather dries up at least so you can get out and about in more comfort.

  3. That is so lovely!! What a beautiful show and so many wonderful details. I love the idea of using an old dresser for the punch table and the canopy over the dining table – you did a great job capturing this event! Stay warm in Milan!

  4. Michelle must live in a part of California that doesn’t expect pop-up showers! In Kansas City, there is always that weird chance of one, so putting up a lot of decor outside is always a risk. The only cloud at THIS shower was the cute one Jessica made! She did a really good job with that! All the food looks fantastic! But what else would we expect from your familly??!?!?! 🙂 The “Almost Married” sign is cute as it can be, and I love that “real” furniture is sprinkled throughout! The muslin(?) overhead is a really great touch, too! Kudos to whoever pulled that off!!!!! In fact, kudos to everyone who had a hand in this! Touchdown!!!!!!!!! 🙂

    • Alycia, Good eye. That is muslin left over from my nephew’s hay barn wedding. There was enough for the table and the muslin overhead, too. No showers but we did have to say a little prayer about the wind that day. My nieces husband did the overhead work!

  5. The concept of everyone making something for the decor is a fun one. I especially like the idea of using pieces of furniture as props – might have to borrow that idea for an outdoor event in the future.

  6. I just enjoyed a browse through this lovely magazine style post. What a lovely bridal shower. I’d have wanted to sit there for a long time with a group of ladies….just like you did. I’m so glad you and Katie were able to be at your nieces shower….what a blessing!

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